Friday, April 18, 2014

Objet D'Art - Finding the Beauty in "Things"....ATC Series

I am still waiting on a couple of packages of ATC's...both are in the mail ~ the rest I haven't heard from so I'm counting them out.

In the mean time I thought I would share a series of ATC's I made for the swap.  Now I didn't originally set out to make a series like this, it just happened.    I am in love with a book I bought this past summer at an estate sale.  It was very worn ~ no front cover, the signatures falling out of the book, just pretty much in rough shape....  All that aside I was totally taken with it when I saw it.  Why???  Well the book was printed in 1805 and is in Latin*!  I have no idea what kind of paper it is printed on but each page is pretty thick for a book and its got a really interesting texture to's not rough like watercolor paper but it's not smooth like you would normally associate with book pages either.  It's very difficult to describe but it's wonderful!

*I did look the book up on several web-sites and it's not worth much...they only sell for about 15.00 in good condition so it's not a great masterpiece I'm using for art.

So I knew I wanted to use these book pages as the basis for my ATC's.  Now, what to do with them?  I didn't want to completely cover it up because the paper was the whole reason for starting the ATC's so collage images were out.  Stamped images it is...  No people because again I didn't want the image to detract too much from the background - objects, things - that's what I'd use.  Now the image did need to stand out a bit so stamp and emboss with black.

They looked a bit boring in just black so I used Distress Stains to color them....why?  Because you get color but can still read the text behind the image!

And here they are....

Objet D'Art
Finding Beauty in "Things"

I am so tickled with how they came out...each card has a gold leafing edge to it.  Cool isn't it?  It's actually there to cover up the margin at the side of the book page!  The pages were just wide enough for me to position two ATC's side by side but I had an empty margin on one side of the card or the other.  I needed something to fill it in - no words because I wanted the text to be more prevailant. So, cover it up but make it look classy like the book pages!  A bit of glue, some gold leaf and ta-da!!!

I know, I'm crazy to get so excited about paper but hey, 
that's how I roll, and stamp and glue ;)

So, an old book and it's pages inspired me...
what inspires you?


  1. Wow, love these ATCs! The book pages are awesome and I have to say that although I have a very hard time cutting a book apart, no matter how mundane the subject, having it be in Latin would make it easier because I wouldn't be able to read it!

  2. Am I allowed to say you inspire me?? Love these ATC's. That book paper looks lovely and the gold leafing is genius. I really like the simple look of these. Fantastic

  3. Such gorgeous ATCs and that book sounds fascinating. Such an awesome find. I may just have to sneak over there and liberate it from you !! :-D LoL

    IKE xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Roni- these are absolutely stunning! They make my heart happy. Books are inspiring to me too. I used to have a hard time taking them apart-however now I view it as rescuing in them from a rubbish tip ang giving them new life. That was a good reminder that we should look up their value though...I'd hate to be the person that cut apart a $7000 1st edition lol

  5. STunning!!! These are gorgeous!! :) xxx

  6. I love your ATCs, Roni! Lucky you, finding the book. I check out the local library used book store for books to use, but haven't had great luck. I live in Florida, and I think most of us retirees who live here probably left old books, ledgers, etc., behind when we moved south. Maybe I'll have better luck when I go to northern New York this summer for our annual visit. Auctions and flea markets, here I come!!!

  7. After the looooonnnngggggg bitter winter we had, I thawed out and decided a Spring theme was for me. Just thinking about the warm sun and all of nature coming out of it's sleep got me going. :) Love your Atc's Roni. Can't wait to see all the Atc's from the swap.


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