Wednesday, April 16, 2014

ATC Update - Almost there!

Hi Everyone, I wanted to give you another update on the swap.  I rec'd 4 more packages - 

Nickalli B.




Barbara R.

Your packages are here safe and sound :)

I have sent out e-mails to the people who are still unaccounted for, a few I've heard back from but not the others.  If I don't hear anything back by tomorrow I will go ahead and swap without them.  I don't mind waiting if they are in the mail system because we all know how unpredictable it is.  I'm still shootin' to have it out before this weekend as I have 3 different Easter related events coming up and know I won't have any additional time to sort until next Monday.

Sorry for the delay ~ will try to get it wrapped up asap!


  1. Mine are on the way. You should have them any time now. Thanks!

  2. So glad mine have arrived!!!! YIPPEE!!! Thanks for hosting!


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