Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2014 Technique Calendar - October - Smooshed Watercolors

2014 Technique Calendar 
Smooshed Glittery Watercolors

Yes, it's a really technical term but'll see the name fits perfectly!


Acrylic Block
Dye Ink - Ink Pads or Markers work great
Embellishments to Finish off your Calendar


1.  Scribble or pounce a bit of dye ink onto the acrylic stamping block.  I am using Distress Markers but any dye ink would work.

2. Mist a bit of water onto the ink.

3. Smoosh and swish the ink across your paper.

4. Continue adding additional layers of ink as desired.  I added 3 different colors of ink to my tag.

5. Heat to quickly dry your tag.

6. Squirt a bit of Stickles Glitter Glue (or other similar glitter glue) onto your acrylic block.

7. Smoosh & swish the Stickles across your tag.  You may add more than one color of Stickles but it's best if you dry the Stickles before adding additional layers to prevent too much mixing.

8. Finish off your calendar page as desired!

And here's my October tag...

Fun huh?
I love the depth you can create by drying the layers before adding the next.
It really gives such an amazing look to your finished project.

see, I told you the name would make sense ;)


  1. Great idea - love your background. It's so simple but really effective!!

  2. Awesome Roni!! This technique I could really get "inky" with!!! I see all kinds of fun things in my future! Thanks!

  3. Your so freakin' creative. You keep using old tools in new ways. I never considered using my acrylic block like this and the background you created is awesome. Great tag.


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