Friday, September 20, 2013

Fun Fall Embellishment - Mesh Leaves

Today I have a fun project for you...
Mesh Leaf Embellishments!
These little embellishments are so much fun to make and you can use materials you already have on hand!  I stared off with some mesh screen we had left over from putting a new screen in our door.  Mine is the metal variety but you could use the softer fabric type of mesh just as well.  Use what you have or what's cheap ;)
Now I cheated a bit and die-cut my mesh using the Tattered Leaves die but you could always hand cut the leaves.  There are loads of free leaf templates on the net...just print, trim, trace around the edge with a sharpie and cut them out.  Easy and very inexpensive. 

NOTE:  Now if you're using the metal mesh screening please be careful when cutting.  Those little wires can get very sharp!

Next I set about gluing the edges with my hot glue gun.  I started out by holding the leaf down onto my non-stick craft sheet.  I applied the glue to one side of the leaf then let it cool.  You can see here I did that with several leaves at one time.

Next I applied the glue to the other side and if desired you can add veins to the center of the leaves too!

After the glue has cooled you can carefully peel the leaves right off the craft mat!

Here's what it looks like so far....

If you happen to have extra bits of glue where you don't want them, now's the time to snip them off.

Now it has a nice clean edge...

Here's another with the veins...

You can finish off these leaves any way you choose...
today I've used a variety of mediums so you can see how well they work...

This is acrylic paint ~ you may need to add a couple coats to the glue.  It's a bit transparent in some areas but I left it ~ it created an interesting look.

This is Metallic Mixative (for the AI's)
I used gold but I'm sure all the MM's would be super.

This is Distress Paint - Antiqued Bronze

And finally Pesto Alcohol Ink.

Next week I'll share a couple more ideas on how to finish them off and a few examples of them in use.

Have a super Inky weekend everyone!!


  1. Wow you are so ingenious - what a great idea - I guess you could use material netting too?

  2. Roni, I love this project, and I so appreciate that you tried out all of the different paint that I have in my stash! I saw a rather small wreath made using burlap in place of the screen (I like the way the screen accepted the paint so much more) at a large, discount store chain and they wanted $40 for the wreath. I am confident that if you created a Fall wreath using your technique, the completed project would have a much nicer finish. Thank you for another burst of true genius.

  3. Those turned out beautifully! What a great project!

    Crafty Journal

  4. Very pretty--they'd make a cool fall banner or swag!

  5. I like these a lot--like the organic look they have.


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