Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Canvas Mini Album - Pt II ~ Vintage Beach Album - Enter to Win!!!

Now, on to the canvas album!!

Yesterday if you will recall I was telling you how much I loved canvas albums and how I went about altering them to suit my needs ~ Canvas Mini Album - Pt I.   Well today I wanted to share with you the album I created using this canvas book to show you just how cool they can be!

At the Beach
Vintage Canvas Album

Beach Canvas Album 001

Beach Canvas Album 002

Front Page Fold Out....Pocket has 3 tags for journaling, photos or whatever...

Beach Canvas Album 003

The right page is chipboard ~ I have also included several cool printed tags in the book as well.

Beach Canvas Album 004

back of the first tag....

Beach Canvas Album 005

Beach Canvas Album 007

Beach Canvas Album 008

Beach Canvas Album 009

Beach Canvas Album 010

Beach Canvas Album 011

Beach Canvas Album 012

Beach Canvas Album 013

And there you go!
I told you that canvas albums could be so much more that you previously thought!

I didn't add any "lumpy" embellishments or ribbon on the binding rings....
 I thought I'd leave that for the winner....

YES, I said Winner!!!
Would you like a chance to win this album?

To be entered for a chance to win this album simply post a comment telling me what your favorite part of summer it the beach, the county fair, the heat, etc...

Whatever it is, it will enter you for a chance to win this fun vintage beachy canvas album!

For a second entry to the drawing, post a link to this drawing on your blog or facebook page. (be sure to come back here and post a link to your posting)

If we get over 10 entries I'll give a way a second beachy prize...
one of my "by the sea" altered washer charms and a surprise! 

You will have until 8-7-12 to comment and post links.

Good Luck Everyone
Hope you're all enjoying your summer!!


  1. your album is amazing! The colours and papers are fantastic.
    I would love to be the proud owner of such a beautiful album :)

  2. Ooops I was so excited after looking at the album I forgot to tell you my favourite thing to do with summer. It has to be the heat (which never gets too hot in the UK) and walking on the beach!

  3. This album is insanely amazing! I am so inspired to try making my own!

    My favourite part of summer is going to the beach. I'm lucky to live right on the East Coast of Canada, so the beach is never more than 15 min from me :)

  4. And here's the link to my blog post promoting this awesome contest :)

    Thanks so much!

  5. This canvas album just blows me away!! I've never seen anything like it and I LOVE IT!!!!!! Seriously, if I don't win I'm going to bookmark this one and make my own. (But I do hope I win!!)

    Summer is "My Time of Year"!! We just moved from the Oregon Coast to Western Montana (I used to live not a real shock!!). With days reaching 90+, mornings are my best time of day! I love the long daylight hours. I can craft longer now you see!!

  6. This album is awesome!!! I sure could give it a good home! :o) Thanks for sharing your techniques for alterig the pre-made canvas albums. My favorite part of summer is the time we spend at the beach or the time we spend up in the mountains to be the heat!

  7. i love it when the grandkids are out of school for the summer and they can walk over and visit me on my lunch breaks and craft together with me. They like to help me in my flower bed also and we can do a few mini-day adventures together as well. This is a fabulous canvas album!!! Thanks for the chance!

  8. I have to be honest. The only thing I like about summer is the air conditioning. With temps in the 102F to 108F every day this month, it's too hot to be outside, except very early in the morning. However, the veggies and the herbs in my garden seem to feel otherwise!

  9. Love the beautiful album. Very awesome inking.
    My favorite thing in summer appears to be air conditioning this year. DEB

  10. I love the album! My favorite thing about summer is going to the beach (:

  11. I love this album! It is awesome!

    I guess my favorite part of summer is all the beautiful flowers, the humming birds, and other wonderful things that come with the summer time. I love the beach, too--in fact, it is one of my favorite places to go, but I prefer the beach in the fall when it is not so hot.

  12. Your album is realy gorgeous.
    I am a newbie on mini album world and i loved it.
    So i wanna take a chance to win this beautiful album.
    My favorite part of the summer is the beach, i live on an island and so at work i am going to the beach at the summer.
    Hugs Astrid

  13. Lovin' your totally genius canvas album!
    My favorite part of Summer is the longer daylight hours. Getting home from work wile there is still some sunshine to enjoy is the best for me.

  14. I love the craft fairs and going to the beach

  15. The album is very beautiful - a great idea - my favorite part of summer is having the summer off to spend more time with my grandchildren and craft with them - enjoy your week!

  16. Ah, summer...fresh mowed grass, golf, blue skies, golf, crafting, golf. Oops, I do repeat myself. Your work is great.

  17. Oh what a great album! I sure would love to own it!! :)

    My favorite part of summer??? Hmmmm...I live in the south so that's kind of a hard one as I'm always relieved when the heat of summer is gone, but I do so LOVE the fresh veggies that are available and the gorgeous flowers and trees that bloom so profusely!

  18. Here's my facebook link where I shared this post! :)

  19. I love this blog and the canvas mixed media art collage techniques and inspirational book!
    I would love to win the prizes in this giveaway!
    Thank you for the inspiration!
    Debra J Webb

  20. My favorite part of summer is now being confined to the house because of the heat and being able to check out all these wonderful ideas! You are a true talent and I love your style.

  21. Oh wow! Thanks for the chance to win your wonderful creation. I wanted to buy one of the canvas albums, but they are out of stock at Altered Pages. My favorite thing about summer is gardening... I love seeing all the flowers in bloom.

  22. I'm so getting that canvas album I bought last year and play. Thanks so much for the great inspiration

  23. what a fabulous album you have created.

    my dream is to lounge in the shade by the ocean - reading murder mysteries in between naps... ~sigh~
    one day

  24. This is an awesome book! i just got back from a beautiful vacation and don't I have the photos to go in this book! :) My favorite part of summer -- this last vacation~

  25. I love the beachy album!! This is really going to sound strange but my favorite part of summer is: No School Zones!! Lets me sleep a little later each day!

  26. Oh Roni!!! LOVE love love this album!!!!! So, if I don't win it I guess I'll have to make it!! lol
    My favorite part of summer... that's tough... there are so many things...My fav though is laying on the beach or by a pool... music jammin and book in hand.

  27. Oh my word, Roni! It is so cool! My mother and just started playing with canvas fabric and stamping and are having a blast! I think we will have to add a project like this on our "to do" list. My favorite thing about summer is more time with my husband and daughter.

  28. What a wonderful album! The beach is by far my favorite part of summer; weather it's spending time with my family playing in the sand and waves or walking along the beach along looking for ocean "treasures" it is the place I enjoy the most. Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful album!

  29. Great album ! Thanks for sharing..

  30. Stunning album. I love being able to swim in the summer.

  31. Summer favs - being outside on the porch enjoying the sights and sounds, farmers market, looking at all of the wonderful colors of the produce, grandkids coming to visit and taking them to the zoo, pool, riding bicycles with my sister, taking long walks with girl talks, crafting outside in the screened porch, 4th of July fireworks. Super job on your Beach album. Thanks for the inspiration!

  32. Absolutely Gorgeous! Thank you for continuing to share such wonderful inspiration and the chance to win :)


  33. Your album is simply gorgeous!!

    My favourite part of summer is the blue skies and flowers everywhere. So colourful and loads of inspiration too!



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  35. my faverite part of summer is when it's gone! I live in central Texas and we have about 3 months or more of 100*+, way too hot! We don't get cool until Nov.!

    Jean S
    Deep in the heart of Texas

  36. I love your canvas album, it would be perfect to house all my vacation photo's. Ha! My favorite thing about summer is camping and boating. Thanks for the chance to win. Shari (cricutrookie)

  37. WOW, what an awesome album!!! Thank you for the chance to win it! My favorite part of summer is air conditioning. I live where it's warm year-round.

  38. OMG Roni! This journal is absolutely fab and I would looooove to win it! Did I say i would love to win it?!
    My favorite thing about summer has to be the sounds and smells in the evening of all the critters chipping, chirping, croaking and zzzzzzing! and the evening smells are just the best, especially after a summer rain...mmmmm

  39. nice album, I'd love to own it.


  40. Roni - That is one beautiful album! My favorite part of the summer is my birthday, which is in August (the 19th). Hmm...come to think of it, winning this lovely prize would sure make me feel better about turning 48!!

    Thanks for this opportunity to share in the possibility of receiving some crafty goodness.

  41. Beautiful album! My favorite about summer is trips to the beach, swimming and barbecues. This album would be perfect for showcasing our family beach trip from this past weekend. Thanks!

  42. I, too, just love the look of this album and, as others have stated, if I don't win, I'm MAKING one! It is really fun and reminds my of the old albums my great aunt used to make out of stiff fabric. Fall is my favorite time of year, but I'm a teacher so summer means some time to relax and, hopefully, get away. My favorite place to get away is under the redwoods in Northern California - absolute heaven.
    Thanks for the chance!
    Sally in California

  43. Wow how beautiful ! Just found your website.Your a great inspiration to a newbie like me.Thanks so much for chance to win.

  44. Your creations make me drool. Thanks for sharing your creativity with those of us who aspire to be creative. My favorite part about summer is when it's too hot to be outdoors and I am FORCED to be inside working on something crafty.

  45. I adore this album... I am totally blown away by your blog, and am a new follower! How fun to have a chance to win this very very cool album! My favorite part of summer is taking a nice swim in the pool, and going to the mountains for some relief! (Hey it get's hot in the desert!)

  46. I would love to win this beautiful Beach album~ you did a FANTASTIC job!
    One of my favorite things about summer is going to the beach...but I don't do that as much as I used to. I was born in San Diego...the beach is in my DNA!
    I would like to put beach photos from over the years, (starting with my parents) in this album if I am lucky enough to win it! Thank you for a chance, Roni : )

  47. It doesn't matter that I'm too late for the draw, but I just want to say that this album is simply gorgeous!

  48. This is so cook, it's really neat to see those vintage girls flip flops in that one picture. I love stuff like that.


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