Friday, May 18, 2012

BlackBerry Desings - Project #1 - Altered Glasses Case

Hi All...

First ~ before I get to the project I wanted to share this pic. of Graber!  He likes to hang with me in my studio but couldn't find a comfy place to sleep so I bought him this little dog bed....he loves it!  He sleeps while I create :)

Graber's new Bed
Great Give-A-Way #2!!

When I was rummaging around trying to decide what projects to make using the BBD papers I found this plastic pink eye glasses case that I had bought at one point for something....what that is I can't tell you now but it looked like perfect fodder for something crafty!

I paired it with this great Marie Antoinette collage sheet printed on tissue paper...

BlackBerryDesigns Pt I 002

Since the label had a nice space in the center I decided to stamp my nieces name using Archival Ink.

BlackBerryDesigns Pt I 003
Next I trimmed it from the sheet....

BlackBerryDesigns Pt I 004
Then proceeded to glue it down on the lid of the case using Aleene's Collage Pauge collage medium. Yes, I am using my fingers again ;) (can you believe how perfectly that label fit onto the case?!?!)

BlackBerryDesigns Pt I 005
When it was glued down I wiped off the excess glue around the edges of the image and set it aside to dry.

BlackBerryDesigns Pt I 008
Here is what it looks like at this point.... A bit plain for my taste....

BBD 002
So, I decided to bling it up a bit with some Stickles!

BBD 003 BBD 007 BBD 008

Now, you can seal it with a light coat of Acrylic sealer after the stickles has dried paying attention to the edges for extra protection.


It's time for another BlackBerryDesigns give-a-way...

Check out the

section and tell me which sheet(s) you like the best...

I have to be honest here...this one is very tough for me.  I LOVE the vintage ads (107 &114) BUT, I have a thing for hats!  I love hats and so wish they would come back in style.  I really like the vintage hats with the net, feathers, sequins, etc. That is always one of the things I gravitate towards when we go to a flea market or antique mall ~ hats!

Now it's your turn!

You will have until  5-25  to post your comment to be entered into the drawing to win one of 5 sets of Blackberry Designs collage sheets!

Good Luck Everyone!!!


  1. beautiful case! I like the Vintage ads too (DF103), but I also like the coloring on Item# DF140

  2., hats, shoes, hats...need I say more. I've always wanted to decorate a wall with old hats of every shape and color with hat pins too!

  3. Beautiful case!! I love those papers! Hats, shoes and I would love to dress up like that too!!

  4. It was so hard to chose!! I think I like DF115 the best. I could see those images on a "Girlfriend" card or a "Girl's Night" invitation. These images are all awesome!

  5. Hi Roni -

    First I have to say that Graber is such an cutie! He looks so sweet curled up in that little bed. Second - I think your niece is going to flip when she sees what you made for her. It turned out so wonderfully! And third, I love the Corset Advertisments - DF107. Enjoy your weekend.

    Elaine Allen

  6. Oh, I love the images of two or more ladies together. I have several friends that would love getting a card with something like those on them. Great images.
    Thanks for you inspiration.
    Candy Meyers

  7. The glasses case was pretty. Mine is boring black. Fashion sheets were ALL great. Love 1920 fashions so DF117 for sure. DF142 was almost as good.

  8. My favorite sheets ar DF119 & DF121. But I really liked all of them

  9. Cool bling-ed up eyeglass case! Love #122 hats from the roaring 20s! Hmm also #129 the working girls from the same era. Thanks for the chance to win some of these collages!

  10. DF105, DF106, DF114, and DF116 have to be sone of my favorites but this is a hard one because they are all so nice!

  11. I like the Fashions of the Fifties. Love anything mid century..the things I could create! Thanks!

  12. It's all about 129 and 130 for me, Roni! My feet are WAY too big for shoes, and my body WAY too big for fashion, and I am WAY too tall for hats. So that leaves me with the ones that remind me of girlfriends and female bonding, sisterhood so to speak! (OK, so I do realize they are about fashion, but I will forgive that!)

  13. How cute is Graber....same position for sleep as my Peyton whose job is to make sure the bed does not escape(she does this by always being in it while I create!) My favorite fashions are DF107, DF139, and DF143.Love them all, would be perfect for altering!

  14. DW0142 Vintage Velvet Hats are gorgeous as is Graber.

  15. great use for your case - its very pretty and I'm sure Kayla will be so pleased with it. DF140 is my favourite :)

  16. I love the combination of dresses, hats, and shoes in DF121 and the hats in DF122.

  17. Stickles is always the answer!! Love the glasses case! Graber is adorable! I have pics of my Border Collie is a little bed just like this one. He laid it long after he was too big!!

    Now these images are too cool! My faves are #107 (advertisements) and 140 (I can see putting witty sayings with these gals!)

    Thanks again Roni!!!

  18. These are fabulous, thanks for letting us know about this site! I love the 40's style hats - that blue one with the polka dots rocks! I am also a sucker for old I love those too. Pet your cute puppy for me!

  19. I love the hats, too. So hard to choose, but 122 tickles me. Fun to see how women of different eras saw themselves-coy, cute, elegant.

  20. DF130 is my favorite. The rosy cheeks remind me of Norman Rockwell images, and they are always so cheerful! And who doesn't need a little more cheerful in their life?

  21. I am enjoying the quirky dancers on sheet DF111 and I love the saucy attitude of the woman in the center of DF140. Thanks for giving a reason to check out a new site, too! ~Tara

  22. I love your glass case and I'm sure Kayla will too. One question though: How did you put the stickles on such an intricate pattern with the flourishes and hearts? did you use a paintbrush?
    My favourite of the Fashions is DF103, thanks for showing us another great site.

  23. that case is so pretty. love it and love marie


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