Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mom Altoid Tin - Pt II

O.k... time to finish up the tin -

The first thing we need to do is to work on the back.  Lightly sand only the back (not the sides); apply a tiny amount of black paint to your finger and swipe it across the tin.  

Mom Altoid Tin II 001

Optional - I glued on 3 strips of magnets using Loctite Super Glue on the back.    It's just a different option for Mom to display it.

Mom Altoid Tin II 002

Next, trace and trim 2 background papers for the inside.  As you can tell from the photo you may need to test and trim each piece to get a nice fit inside the tin.

Mom Altoid Tin II 003

Since we'll be filling this tin with ATC's you need to keep the embellishments inside to a minimum.   For the back I added a photo of myself with a little sentiment which I then glued inside using the same technique as I shared on Tuesday....  ATG Glue & Liquid Glue combined.

Mom Altoid Tin II 004

I created a second collage for inside the lid which will give the viewer a hint about the attitude behind the ATC's inside.

Mom Altiod Tin II 002

Once I had the collages both glued in I added a touch of Cinnamon Stickles Glitter Glue to the edges of both the lid and bottom of the tin.  You need to let the glitter glue dry completely before you attempt to close it. 

Mom Altiod Tin II 003

As a final touch I took 1/4" magic tape and wrapped it around the side of the lid; peeled off the red liner and added a bit of vintage gold tinsel.  You of course don't have to use tinsel, you could use any number of fibers, ribbons, lace, or other trim you might have on hand.

Mom Altiod Tin II 004

And here the tin is hanging on one of my cabinets!

Mom Altiod Tin II 005

Now it's time to gather up your sentiments, any collage images you might want to use as well as any other embellishments you might want to use.

You can also pre-cut your ATC bases.  I like to use chipboard packaging from cereal or the like.  Now as I was cutting my backgrounds I discovered my Altoid tin is actually smaller than some of the others I have worked with in the past.  My "atc's" are going to be 2.25x3.25 instead of the full 2.5x3.5" size.  Be sure to check your tin as well ~ I'd hate for you to make all of your ATC's only to discover they don't fit into the tin!

Hope to see you tomorrow when we start working on our ATC's!


  1. Hi Roni,

    Very cool!! Are you going to share the ATCs that you put in it?


  2. What a wonderful little project.

  3. Thank you! I have my altoid box sitting here, just haven't quite known how to go about it!
    Erica :)

  4. Fun!!!! Love that you are doing this!!

  5. So excited to start on the ATC'S ~marvelous tin!

  6. this looks awesome!! i can't wait to see the rest of your ATCs!

  7. Just a gorgeous piece, Roni! I got my tin all sanded up and papers picked out, but go sidetracked. I plan to finish it on Monday! Guess who is the lucky one to receive the great Mother's Day gift? Moi! Me! Myself! I! Yep, I am keeping it. The ATCs inside will be my very favorite ones that I have either made or received (a couple from you in a swap on a few years back). Thanks for this great project! When I need to be inspired, I will just open it!


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