Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Let's Do Lunch.... A bit of Altered Art!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you're having a super week so far!

Today I wanted to share a very fun little collage that incorporates a few fun collage sheets from Altered Pages, a bit of lace, tulle and glitter plus an old compact!


Well then....

Let's Do Lunch!


Vintage Compact
Altered Pages - Ladies Who Lunch
Altered Pages - New York
Glitz - Vintage Blue Tulle & Lace
Brown Glass Glitter
Brown Ink
Vintage Buttons
Alpha Beads


1. Print out desired images on cardstock.

2. Clean any left-over make-up from the compact, wash and dry.

3. Create a template of the area you will be adding your collage... trust me when I say this may take you a couple tries to get a nice fit.  It took me 3 tries but I finally made one I was happy with.  Depending on what you plan on doing with your edges it might not have to be exact.

4. Trace the template onto chipboard then cover with desired background image.  I am using a vintage looking image of New York.  Add a bit of brown ink around the edges.

AP - Lets Do Lunch Compact 001

5. Glue a small bit of lace to the bottom edge of the New York image.

6. Cut out the images of the women, ink the edges with a bit of brown ink and begin gluing them down.  I glued the first two directly to the chipboard then used double stick foam tape for the last two.

AP - Lets Do Lunch Compact 003

7. Take a piece of tulle, a few buttons and a bit of twine ~ tie the buttons to the tulle where it will meet the corners of the compact lid.  Use Glue Dots to stick it to the inside of the lid.

AP - Lets Do Lunch Compact 008

8. Finish off the collage by running a bead of glue around the edge of the collage then sprinkle with brown glass glitter and finally glue on alphabet beads spelling out the desired sentiment...in this case, "Let's Do Lunch!".


AP - Lets Do Lunch Compact 009

AP - Lets Do Lunch Compact 006

AP - Lets Do Lunch Compact 007

I have to tell you, I got this and several other old/vintage compacts at an auction I went to last Saturday.  It was so much fun, I found lots of cool goodies and this was one of them.  The rest will be hitting my etsy store soon so if you'd like to give this a try and can't locate one for yourself, I might be able to help.

Have a wonderful day friends!!!


  1. Roni -

    This is just so different. I love it! It turned out beautifully!

    Elaine Allen

  2. What a marvelous way to repurpose a compact!

  3. Nice! This brings some cool ideas floating around in my mind...Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. This is just such a fun idea! I *must* have an old compact somewhere, right? I wish I weren't at work today because I would be hitting those baskets in my two bathrooms for those compacts! This just makes me happy, Roni! ;-)

  5. What a great idea to reuse! Love the embellishments and the ladies are just perfect. Thanx for sharing this, I love it!


  6. Love it Roni, you find the most interesting things to do collages in. Thanks for the inspiration


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