Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stipple Brush & Masks

Before I begin with the masks, I wanted to share a card that I made that should have been on yesterdays examples but I didn't get to finish it in time.

Anyway, here is an example of using punchenella (sp?) (sequins waste product). Basically you just lay the sequin material over your cardstock and pounce the ink on in straight up and down motions. This action will eliminate stray ink from finding it's way under the material where you don't want it. Don't worry if your piece of sequins material isn't large enough. Once you finish one area, simply slide it in desired direction, line up the existing ink dots with the holes in the edge of the material and continue inking. This entire card was made in that fashion.

The large sentiment stamps is Wildflower Stamps and the baby is from TAC. All inks are Ranger (Distress & Archival).

stipple brush & masks011

On to the masks! I used Heidi Swapp masks for both of the examples. I'm sure you've all seen the larger variety of masks I used on the card but she now offers smaller masks which are the perfect size for ATC's!!

When using these masks for the first time I find it helps to peel the mask off the paper it comes on and stick it to your shirt or jeans to eliminate some of the sticky. Trust me, these masks are way too sticky for their own good! I have had the masks peel bits & pieces of the paper right off of my projects before.

Also, you want to make sure that your base coat of ink/paint/etc. is dry BEFORE you apply the mask to your project. If it's not it will stick fast making a whole other type of mess you don't want to deal with...yes, again, the voice of experience speaking here ;)

Something else to keep in mind...these masks are plastic and will shrivel if heat is applied to them. (don't ask - LOL!!!)

Also, I want to apologize ~ some of the photos today are a bit's somewhat difficult to take pics when you're finger is in a straight jacket - LOL!!


Stipple Brush(es)

Heidi Swapp Mask

Distress Inks - Ranger

Archival Ink - Ranger


stipple brush & masks003


1. Begin by applying a light base coat of desired color of ink. Let dry.

stipple brush & masks001

2. Apply mask to your project in desired area. Stipple top coat of ink over the mask. You will want to be sure you get the ink into all of the cracks & crevices of the mask.

stipple brush & masks002

3. Gently remove mask and your background paper is ready to be used!

stipple brush & masks001-1

and here is the finished ATC...

stipple brush & masks003-1

Another example -

1. Apply the basecoat of ink. For this example I used several colors of the Nick Bantock ink for the background base coat.

stipple brush & masks005

2. Apply the top coat of ink over the mask & rest of the card...

stipple brush & masks007

3. Gently remove the masks and it's ready to use!

stipple brush & masks009

and you have another fun card!

stipple brush & masks010

Next week I've got a few more fun not so common uses for the stipple brush :)

I don't want to bore you so I'll try to finish it up quickly!

Tomorrow I'll have a new 4 for 1 and preview of the next Ink Stained Sketch to share.

Till then have a super day!!

Hope you're able to get your fingers inky even if it's just to fondle your ink pads ;) LOL!!!


  1. Oh my, these are lovely - I have some Heidi Swapp masks and I must get them out to have a play with them soon.

  2. Ooooh - I just saw this. Fun! And guess what?? A couple of the Coffee Break Design stencils came in the mail today (I ordered them last week, I think - even before you did your first stencil tutorial) AND I have... *cough* *cough*... a FEW of the Heidi Swapp masks. So, yeah - I am going to get my stipple brushes out and play along. I will send you some scans if I end up with anything interesting.

  3. Hey, phree - How about we BOTH use our Heidi Swapp masks and send scans to Roni? I will if you will... *grin*


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