Monday, July 21, 2008

K & Co CHA Summer 2008

My favorite new line by K & Co - Blue Awning is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!




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  1. Yup! I love this, too. But Blue Awning has been out for awhile. I know that because this is the paper I am using for my dad's desk set (2 boxes) for Father's Day? (*blush* late, I know. and I blame it on Roni - too many swap projects! lol j/k)

    I even showed it to him and he loves it, so that shows that it's great for men AND women. I am doing decoupage and the a resin bottom on the one box. I'll be sure to take pics. But this whole collection is fabulous. Usually there are pages I don't particularly like. Not with Blue Awning, though. They are ALL gorgeous!

    This is a *must have* for you, Roni. It's your fav color!


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