Friday, July 25, 2008

Ink Stained Sketch - Quad Card

If you recall, the current Ink Stained Sketch is a fun Quad card...

ink stained sketch - quad

And here are the results......

The first card I made using a brayer & ink for the background. I stamped the image, colored with Alcohol Inks then I made a mask and brayered various colors of Adirondack Dye Ink over top.

ISS - Pear

This one was made using Adirondack Dabber Paints. I used a combination of Lettuce & Citrus applied to chipboard squares. The flowers were also stamped using the Dabber Paints, cut out and mounted. (it's really not that bright in person but the camera just kept freaking out over the whole thing.)

Just for You - ISS

Sasha also played along by sending this cute little "Hello" card!

ISS - Natasha

Phinny had fun as well and created 3 goodies using the sketch....

This first example she "says" was a failure...why I do not know because I love it... The colors are very soft and muted giving it a romantic feel. Don't you all think it's cool?

ISS - Phinny

She also created these 2 ATC cards using inchie stamps! I love them because she used some of my favorite fall colors :) Very beautiful results!

ISS - Phinny 2

ISS - Phinny 3

So there you have it...another fun Ink Stained Sketch to tuck into your idea file :)

Hope you all had a wonderful week and get to relax and take a little time to create this weekend!
TTFN Friends!!


  1. Love all these cards! I don't know why Phinny thinks her card is a's gorgeous!

    And Sasha...Love your card as well. :)

    In fact, they are all great!!

  2. OMG - That's it, Roni. I am going to wring your neck!

    LOL - Seriously, card #1 is in my scrap pile. Worked and worked with it over 2 days and couldn't get it the way I liked. The proportion is off, for one thing. And... well, I could go on and on. I really liked the tan paper with polka dots, which is what I started with.

    It's fun to see your card, too, Sasha. Well done!

  3. Roni - I just love your blog and have learned so much from everything you share with us! I do have one question - On your pear you said that you stamped the image, colored with Alcohol Inks - can you tell me how you used AI on just the pear itself? Thanks for sharing everything! Take Care - Robin

  4. Beautiful cards! Yes, Phinny including yours!!

  5. Wowee, Zowie! I really, truly love Phinny's first card....(as well as #2 and #3) so we all agree that Phinny has no vote on this! So Phinny, did you use a stamp or a mini mask?? I had planned to do one as well, but you kow time flies?! Yes, it just flew by me. And I'm so happy to see that Sasha also made a card..great job!

  6. Thanks :)

    Phinny - tee hee hee!!! :P

    Robin - on the AI & Pear. I used a waterbrush filled with Ink Blending Solution and "painted" the image by picking up a bit of the AI's with the brush, painting it where I wanted on the pear and continued to build & add colors as I went.


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