Saturday, May 12, 2018

Project Swap Part 2

Yesterday in part 1 of Project Swap I shared the card I made following Nadine's written instructions to see how closely the reproduction would be to the original.  Today in Part 2 of Project Swap I wanted to show you the project I made and show you how Nadine's project turned out!

I wanted to create a piece of art that I had originally planned on hanging in my kitchen but as it turned out it looked better in my bathroom.  The artwork is mounted on a 12x12 black canvas and really pops IRL.

Now I won't show you what Nadine created'll need to jump on over to the blog and you'll be treated to a video of how she re-created my project!!

I hope you enjoy the project video, it's really fun to watch her walk through the entire process!  I hope we can do this again sometime.

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  1. Boy am I glad to find you again!!!. My computer died unexpectedly and couldn't be resuscitated. Thus, I lost the bookmark to your blog. But now I have rebookmarked your blog and I can get back to being inspired and creating.


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