Wednesday, May 9, 2018

DecoArt Paint Pouring on Cardstock

Welcome back my inky friends!!  If you recall on Monday I shared my experiments with DecoArts new Pouring Medium on a variety of canvases.  You know I can't stand to waste anything especially paint and ink so rather than toss the baby wipe (from the swipe canvas) and extra paint leftover I pulled the painty wipe across a piece of white cardstock just to see what would happen.  I am happy to say it worked perfectly!!  It makes an incredible surface to work with...check it out ~

These are the first two cards I've made using part of the painted cardstock. I absolutely LOVE how they turned out!! Due to the paint/pouring medium properties you need to use an ink that dries on slick surfaces such as StazOn or VersaFine Clair which is what I used for these examples. I stamped several different images on each card incorporating complimentary colors to the original swipe. Then mounted on card blanks and added a sentiment to each. 

This is the original swipe piece of cardstock...
and my cards...

If you look closely you can pick out where each panel came from on the original.  

For some reason these panels just reminded me of hay fields so I went with wildflower silhouettes for both. I added some interesting textures and other stamps in the background just to take your eyes on a tour of the whole panel.  

What do you think?  Next time I pull out the paints I am going to try to pour right onto my cardstock.  I know it will cause a bit of wrinkling due to the moisture content in the paint/pouring medium but I think I can get it to lay flat after it's dry to use.  These panels were fairly flat after it had dried completely so I'm not worried about that aspect at all.

Pouring Medium
Pouring Top Coat
Media Fluid Acrylics - Primary Yellow, Primary Cyan, Yellow Green Light, Cobalt Teal Hue
Americana Acrylic Paint - Titanium White
Other - 
White Cardstock
Just For Fun Rubber Stamps - All Stamp Images


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