Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mother's Day Mixed Media Canvas - Part 2

We're ready to add the second layer to our canvas project!

For this layer I used a piece of 13" x 13" corrugated cardboard that came in a paper order.

The first step is to tear it down to size.  I tore about 1.5" off of each size so it is roughly 10-11" square.  I then tore off the smooth layer of paper to reveal some of the corrugated fluting inside.

Of course this doesn't always go as planned...sometimes you're left with a very thin piece of the paper covering up the fluting which is very time consuming and almost impossible to peel away.

So I figured out a quick and oh so easy way to remove that paper with very little effort!  I position a piece of packing tape over the area that I want revealed, smooth it down so there is good adhesion...

Then rip it right off - just like you were removing a band-aid!  The faster the better.  You can repeat this process until you get the look you desire.

Now that you have the cardboard looking how you want it to, apply a layer of gesso over the entire piece.  100% coverage isn't necessary.

For the next step I am using DecoArt's Crackle Paint that can be tinted with the Fluid Acrylics (up to 20%).  For this project I mixed in a bit of Yellow Green Light Fluid Acrylic.  I didn't mix the paint completely into the Crackle Paint - I wanted to have a few areas that was more green and  other areas of just white.

This mix was applied to the areas that was still covered with paper.  Keep in mind when applying the paint - thicker coats produce larger cracks while thinner layers will create a fine crazing effect.

And now you let it dry.  I would suggest letting it dry naturally.  I did attempt to use a heat tool to speed the process.  I got a very cool texture going on but not what I was looking for so I left it alone to dry on it's own.

Once it's dry you'll see that there are lots of cracks all over.  Beautiful results!

Now spritz with Turquoise Shimmer Mist.

Quickly wipe the canvas down with a tissue - this pushes the mist into the cracks and crevices to highlight the beautiful texture created from the Crackle Paint.

Finally use your fingertip to apply Lavish Green Metallic Luster over the entire piece.

You might be asking why - this photo tells the story.  You can see that the left side is so much more dynamic with the application of the Metallic Luster as opposed to the right side that looks flat and dull.

And here's what it looks like once you're finished....

Close ups of the texture....

Glue this panel to the blue canvas and let it dry overnight before moving on.

Tomorrow we'll create a focal piece for your canvas creation as well as several embellishments to help finish off the design.

DecoArt Supplies:

Media White Gesso
Media Crackle Paint
Media Fluid Acrylics - Yellow Green Light
Media Shimmer Mist - Turquoise
Metallic Luster - Lavish Green

Other Supplies:
Corrugated Cardboard
Packing Tape (optional)


  1. Love how you added all those lovely layers!!

  2. Looking good so far Roni, I love the texture on the cardboard and the gorgeous shimmer too Karen x

  3. ok, great work...creative thinking! Question....do you always feel the need to center something, or do you sometimes off set your main item, while adding in other items?

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