Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Distress Crayon Winners!

Hello everyone...time for some winners!

The winners of the Distress Crayons in no particular order are....

I would like to win this prize because I want refresh my stamping syle and want to try new things. COLLEEN

I really appreciate your honest sharing of these products. It also gave me some insight into some other products I have considered. I think I would invest my money in one of the others but would still love to have a set of the DC to just try out for myself. Thanks.

I have really enjoyed these product reviews. The only watercolor crayons I have are the Lyra Aquacolor ones and I like those very much. Thanks for a chance to win a set of of the Distress crayons. They sound interesting to try on some of my more collage-y pieces. Happy Easter! Anne

Thanks for the great review. I haven't had a good feeling about the Distress crayons and this review proofs I'm right ;). I already own Gelatos so I'll stick by it.

i love your comparisons. you basically read my mind and answered every questions I had regarding the crayons!! thank you for the opportunity to win a set of crayons!! keep the demos them!

Thank you for this comparison. I also wouldn't mind trying them out. I am one of those that need to play hands on for myself. I am on your Facebook as well so it will be easy to contact me.

Please e-mail me your snail mail addies so I can drop your goodies in the mail!


  1. Congratulations Winners. Roni you are a dear to share not only these but all of your creative talents with us. Embracing Creative Bliss...

  2. Hi Ronni It looks like I am a lucky winner. Colleen My snail mail is Colleen Moore 437 Namqua Rd Qualicum Beach BC Canada V9K 1B6. This IS EXCITING STUFF. Yea.


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