Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Brusho Colored Faux Marble Technique

Yesterday I shared my Faux Marble Technique using Brusho Colour Crystals, today I wanted to share a variation on that technique - Colored Faux Marble.   A few people asked if this would work with masking fluid and it does but it will give it a slightly different look.  The rubber cement is thicker so the lines created with it will be larger in size.  You will get much finer lines when using masking fluid which is also a cool look.    I used rubber cement because it's far cheaper to play around with and is more readily available in a wide variety of stores.

Colored Faux Marble Technique

1. To begin color your cardstock with one or more lighter colors of Brusho Colour Crystals.  I used Lime Green and Yellow for this first example.  

2. Let the Brusho dry completely.

3. Drizzle the rubber cement (or masking fluid) over the entire paper and let dry.  

This is just a close up of the R.C.

4. Once dry sprinkle on one or more colors of Brusho Colour Crystals over the cardstock.  I used Moss Green and Emerald Green.  Spritz with water and let it do it's thing.  Let it dry completely - and yes, you can speed the drying with a heat tool.  It won't hurt the r.c.

5. Rub off the rubber cement to reveal the wicked design!  

This example was made with a base of Rose Red and Purple and Black over top.

To really kick this technique up a notch, flick metallic paint over the finished cardstock.  It really adds quite a dramatic effect!  This example was created with a Yellow background with Dark Brown and Sandstone over top.  Gold paint was then flicked over top.

This final example was created with Ost. Blue base and Grey, Turquoise, Ultra Marine and Prussian Blue over top.  Silver metallic paint was then flicked over top.


  1. Love the look you've got here.....must have a play!

  2. My dear friend, you have once again created colors that only exists in our mind's eye! Through your perseverance, you have helped us find a way to have the magical world of color come alive. I am sure that the great Masters of the centuries applaud your willingness to take a risk all in the name of beauty! Thank you so much for allowing me to be your humbled and grateful student.
    Much Love, Kathy

  3. These are way cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Awesome again!! I bought my rubber cement today, you enabler you:) Love these colors and the idea- now I need to play!

  5. Wow! I need to find my rubber cement!

  6. Totally awesome - will have to try this!


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