Monday, August 3, 2015

Brusho Faux Marble Technique

I'm sure you've heard me speak about Brusho Colour Crystals - a wicked fun product from ColourCraft - an amazing pigment crystal that reacts with water to create amazing watercolor backgrounds.   Well, I've been experimenting and I've come up with what is to me a new technique and hopefully it is for you as well!

Brusho Faux Marble Technique

This is a riff on a resist technique using one of my favorite glues - Rubber Cement!  This stuff is amazing, you can do so much with it besides just glue things together.  Today I am using it's unique properties to create a lovely marble effect on watercolor paper.  This technique will work with varying degrees of success on plain cardstock but the absorbent nature of watercolor paper makes it ideal for clean crisp results.

Let's begin...

NOTE: It is very important that each step of this technique be allowed to dry completely prior to moving on to the next step.  It may ruin your results if it's not completely dry.

1. Drizzle rubber cement over the watercolor paper...the more the better!  Swirl it, thick lines, thin lines, fast or slow, just get lots of the glue on the paper.    

2. Let the rubber cement dry completely.

3. Spritz the now dry paper with water and sprinkle on the Brusho Colour Crystals.  If desired, add more water and blend or spread it around as desired.  

Alternative: You could of course sprinkle on the BCC first then spritz with water.  It works either way.

4. Let the Brusho dry completely.

5. After the paper has dried, use an Adhesive Eraser ,and begin gently rubbing off the rubber cement.  It will pill up on the eraser, just pluck it off and continue to remove the glue.  You can see in the photo above that the left side has been cleaned off while the right side remains grungy looking where the rubber cement is still on the paper.

And here's how it turned out....

And a few more examples...


And it doesn't just stop there.  I've got a few variations that I'll be sharing with you in the next couple days that are equally as fun.  I can't wait - the results just keep gettin' better and better!  I hope you give it a try and if you do, please feel free to link back here so we can see your creations.  I'd also appreciate it if you share your results that you let folks know you saw it here first.

Thanks and have an inky day!


  1. Great technique, Roni. Wonderful colors.

  2. Great technique Roni. Thanks for sharing. Hugz

  3. Merci pour ce test avec le fluide de masquage - jouer avec les brusho's est un réel plaisir ! et toujours une oeuvre unique ! j'adore votre blog Roni et tous vos tests
    Nicky from France

  4. Thank youRoni, I will try this as soon as I have the rubber cement!

  5. They are gorgeous Roni! Thanks for sharing, will hunt my masking fluid out soon to try this Karen x

  6. I love your results and it looks like you had lots of fun. I've been wanting to use rubber cement with stencils and the Brusho. While I'm at it I'll try this.

    I fingerpainted with Brusho on matte photo paper when I was through playing with water and Brusho. Couldn't let the liquid Brusho go to waste. ;-) I like how it turned out and will be doing it again.Thanks for sharing another way to use Brusho.

  7. How long should it take for the rubber cement to dry? I love this technique!


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