Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rubber Cement, Stencils & Brusho

Today I wanted to share one final Brusho post for a bit...  Just as the title says it includes rubber cement, stencils and Brusho Colour Crystals.

I started off by taping a stencil to my watercolor paper. 

I applied the rubber cement to a Squeegee and carefully swiped it across the stencil in one smooth stroke.  Remove & wash the squeegee and stencil immediately with hot soapy water to remove the rubber cement.

After the rubber cement dries, apply desired color(s) of the Brusho Colour Crystals and let that dry.  Rub away the glue to reveal the nifty design!

For the above example the watercolor paper was initially colored with Lime and Sea Green Brusho.  It was then covered with a layer of RC and Cobalt Blue Brusho was added over top.

The above red example was made with an initial layer of Rose Red with Crimson over top.

This example wasn't made with a stencil...
Can you guess what was used to make the design???

You'll never believe it - A Feather!!
I dipped the feather into the RC bottle then just started dragging it back and forth across the paper.  The colors are Turquoise and Cobalt Blue I LOVE how it turned out.  

So there you go...
More fun with Brusho & RC.


  1. Very cool!! thanks for sharing the idea... I'll definitely try this.

  2. Very cool ideas! Wouldn't have thought of using rubber cement through a stencil. Love the effect, especially with the pre-coloured paper.

  3. I just found your blog. Wow! Love it and thank you for sharing your talent.


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