Friday, May 1, 2015

Brusho Colour Crystals

Happy Friday my Ink Stained Friends! let me tell you nothing makes a sick artist happier than a great mail day.  Oldest DS has a cold and was "kind" enough to share it with DH and he in turn has shared it with me - ick!  So I was pretty much draggin' today UNTIL the mail arrived!  What did I find you might ask???  A package all the way from Sheffield, England - filled with Brusho Colour Crystals!!! 

You will recall that I have been talking about Color Burst Pigment Powders recently and sharing a few projects here and there.  At the moment Color Burst comes in 6 colors...I understand there are more to come.  There is also another similar product called Bisters which is actually a wood stain.  There are 9 colors which are more earthy color tones and come from the Netherlands (couldn't find anything on how long they have been around).

Brusho Colour Crystals have been manufactured by Colourcraft Ltd. in Sheffield, England for over 35 years and come in 32 amazing colors!    They are available in the United States at DickBlick (the best price I've found).

These are the original 24 colors...

Assorted Set of 24

and here are the 8 brand new colors...

Assorted Set of 8

Now the color charts above just give you an idea about what the colors look like...IRL they are much more spectacular because each color powder is made up of a variety of colors which explode with amazing color when they are mixed with water.

Below are a few examples of different powders....  The first example is Scarlet, Ost. Red and Crimson.  (the blue on the bottom is from one of the other examples)

This example is a blend of Lemon Yellow and Leaf Green.

Violet, Purple and Ultramarine

Ost. Blue, Cobalt & Violet

These two examples believe it or not are what I made from the bits of pigment left over from the examples above!  Amazing how far this powder goes.

I've got lots of playing and experimenting I want to do with these powders and I'll be sure to share it with you as I go.


  1. Hi Roni, it's been a while since I visited but when I saw you were playing with brusho's I just had to pop over. I have some of these but haven't played much so will be following along to see what you come up with. Hope the cold goes away fast. Feel better soon. Hugz

  2. Fantastic product that has been around for years. Loving your experiments so far!

  3. You enabler you.;-) Now I am going to have to check these out. Looks like lots of fun to play with. I looked at Bisters but these look like more the colors I would use.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon. No fun being sick.

  4. These are SO yummy...I've had my set from Blick for a couple months, and have played, but not in depth. Good demo

  5. I am really looking forward to seeing how you use the Brushos since I only JUST discovered them! I have a teeny bit of the turquoise that someone gave me and so far I am in love with it!!!

  6. Love my Brushos,bought through Amazon.
    Love your Blog!

  7. Love these. Guess I will have to check out Amazon or do you know of another reasonable source for Brushes and Bisters?


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