Monday, November 3, 2014

Altered Playing Card Catch Up - Week 7

I was very behind with the Altered Playing Card Challenge - or in my case Altered Non-Playing Cards. Last week was a catch up week (no challenge) so I took that opportunity to actually get caught up. Week #7 was ocean themed - a seahorse for one and a ship for the 2nd.

I got my Deco Arts Mixed Media Sampler kit so I used it for these cards.  I started off by applying a layer of gesso to my non-playing card.

Then added a couple dots of acrylic paint

and blended them together with my brush.

Claudine added bubbles by using an embossed sheet of acrylic.  I didn't have a bubble embossing folder so I had to add lib.  My solution was to stamp my bubbles using lids of various containers I had laying around and more gesso.

Here are the newly formed bubbles drying....

To make them shiny and dimensional I used the Deco Art Mixed Media Liquid Glass.

Once the bubbles had dried I added some shimmer by using watered down Turquoise Shimmer Mister that I just dabbed around with a brush.  I wiped the excess off the bubbles.

Claudine used die-cuts for her seahorse & foliage...again, I didn't have those dies so I used rubber stamps.

All stamps: Just For Fun Rubber Stamps

The 2nd card was a ship theme so I again applied gesso to my Non-Playing Card and then just a dab of blue with white acrylic paint.

I only painted the upper 2/3rds of the card because the lower portion was going to be my water.

Here's what the sky looked like once the paint dried.

Next I squirted some of the Deco Arts Shimmer Mister (Turquoise) into the cap and painted the "ocean".

I think it looks pretty wicked don't you?  I flicked a bit more onto the entire card.

Next I stamped a vintage sailing map image onto the sky...

 Then I stamped my sailing ship onto a scrap of white cardstock and onto the card it's self.

I colored and trimmed the ship I stamped onto the scrap cardstock but I only cut out the sails and ship portion...I didn't even try to cut out all the poles and lines.  I then glued the cut out portion onto the card.

I gave the illusion of white caps to the waves in the ocean by taking Wedding Dress irRESISTible Texture Spray cap off the bottle and just drawing with the tube on the water.  I spread it around a bit more with my finger and let it dry.

And here's how it turned out....

Week #7...


  1. WOWS!! Just as I was adoring those bubbles and seahorse, your ship came sailing in with a most picturesque scene and quote! Love that map background stamp and those foamy waves-Fabulous Roni! Both pieces!!
    What is the DecoArt liquid glass like? similar to other products out there? ")

  2. These came out so great, I really love the way you did the ship card though, fabulous!!!

  3. Those are gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for sharing the process of creating your art, you really got me in te mood to play with my paint and stamps :-D


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