Friday, October 24, 2014

Hocus-Pocus Treat Cone!

Time for some yummy goodness...
a Halloween Treat Cone filled with Candy Corn!

I know, some people love it, others hate it.  Well I'm in the love column...can't get enough of that honey, sweet goodness!

I started off by painting some Embedibles from ArtAnthology with Imperial (purple) Sorbet.

Then painted a paper mache cone with some of their Limeaid (such a fun color!)

Glued the dots to the cone, added some black ball trim, a little sparklie silver mesh...

A fun collage image from Altered Pages and a couple stamped images from JFF 
and then filled it with Candy Corn!

Easy Peasy!


  1. Cute! Love how you made the cone! I really like the collage image too!

  2. Great idea with those dots!! Love the cone- adore the candy! heehee

  3. I'm not a lover of the candy corn but I adore the cone!

  4. Love the colors and the sweets also!

  5. Love the combination of vintage image and an older idea.


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