Monday, October 20, 2014

DecoArt Media - Special Offer!!

I wanted to tell you about an amazing deal DecoArt has going on right now.  For a limited time they are offering a Media Starter Kit for an amazing price of $37.00!! That's 40% off the retail price!!!   If you act quickly you can use the Code: MEDIASHIP to receive free shipping as well.   But it expires 10-27-14 - Next Monday.

These are products that Andy Skinner (Blog / Facebook) uses quite often in his artwork which should be an indication of the quality since his art work is stunning.

Media Starter Kit

Here's what's included in the kit....
  • Crackle Paste - 4 oz
  • Modeling Paste - White - 4 oz
  • Liquid Glass - 2 oz
  • Gesso - White - 4 oz
  • Fluid Acrylic - Interference Gold - 1 oz
  • Fluid Acrylic - Metallic Silver - 1 oz
  • Fluid Acrylic - Carbon Black - 1 oz
  • Fluid Acrylic - Titanium White - 1 oz
  • Fluid Acrylic - Hansa Yellow Light - 1 oz
  • Fluid Acrylic - Cadmium Red Hue - 1 oz
  • Fluid Acrylic - Quinacridone Magenta - 1 oz
  • Fluid Acrylic - Primary Cyan - 1 oz
  • Mister - Carbon Black - 2 oz
  • Shimmer Mister - Turquoise - 2 oz
  • Antiquing Cream - English Red Oxide - 1 oz
Now, I'm not being paid to advertise this or anything.  I just stumbled upon this deal and thought it was too good to not pass along.  I ordered a set to give it all a try.  I will be sharing what I create using these products as soon as it arrives and I have a chance to play with it all.   I can't wait to get my hands on it...  So exciting to try out new goodies!!!


  1. I have been using Deco Art products for years, you won't be disappointed!

  2. I think this is a wonderful chance to try all these great colors and gesso's

  3. I have to tell you, you will not be disappointed! This new line from DecoArt is fab! The fluid acrylics are just yummy and I am sold! Gorgeous colors too! Thanks for the tip Roni!

  4. This does look like an awesome deal - I'll go check it out!

  5. Well, sugar! The free shipping is for US only and I would need to spend at least $50 for them to consider shipping here in Canada. Oh well, it is a great deal! Looking forward to your review, Roni!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome deal Roni! Just ordered a set!!!! Can't wait to try these products!
    Nancy :D

  7. Just happened upon this post. While the free shipping offer has expired the price of $37.00 is still the same. Ordered my set today, can't wait to get it.


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