Monday, October 6, 2014

Auction Winnings...German Scrap

Well, finally got some photos of the goodies I won at the auction I told you about last week.  First, I have to tell you I was SOOOOOO excited when Mom told me about this auction.  Here's why.... this is the auction listing....

30,000+/- post cards – real photos, buildings, Christmas, holidays and more; 60+ Scrap Books trade cards, old photos, calling cards, people, animals, botanical and much more, a great selection; adverting calendars; stock certificates; sheet music; Buster Brown; calendar prints; 100’s of old valentines including 3D and others; chain framed advertising pictures; Dan Patch pictures and other items; photo albums; Kate Greenway and Palmer Cox books; children’s books; Modern Priscilla magazines; Ladies Home Journal; Prairie Farmer; almanacs; playbills; The Little Corporal; farm equipment paper items; Railroad time tables and more; patches; World’s Fair items; large selection of political buttons and posters; 50+ advertising yard sticks; books; Camel menu sign; advertising signs and tins; DeLaval tin cows; trade cards; tine types; lots of horse pictures and prints; old photographs; The Sun Garter oak advertising display; Duro Decorative Decals tin box with 100’s of decals; travel brochures; Websters Mammouth Packet Seeds wood advertising box; TEXTILES:  nice selection of early quilts; table clothes; napkins; vintage clothing; hankies; needle work; dresser scarves; doilies; pillows; BUTTONS:  1000’s of old buttons – Bakelite, brass, glass, military, figural and others, many carded, jars and boxes, a huge collection; Bakelite buckles; glass beaded pillows; ANTIQUES:  McLoughlin Bros. World’s Fair building block puzzle and other picture puzzles; baskets; dolls; Christmas and Halloween items; small oak curved glass display case; crocks and jugs;

Did you notice they spelled ephemera wrong?  Anyway, you all know how much I LOVE vintage ephemera - so this was like a dream come true.  It was so much fun to look at all of the amazing vintage bits up for grabs there.  Alas I am not the only lover of these types of goodies.  There were TONS of people there - mostly dealers which translates into big bucks.  I knew things would go high - especially the vintage Valentines and Victorian Scrap books.   

Mom got a real education as well.  She didn't think others would be interested in these types of things but I tried to tell her it would go high.  The Valentines cards were in various lots but they went for hundreds of dollars...needless to say we did not get any.  

I had hoped to get some of the 30,000+ post cards BUT 3 people got them all...the first guy was buying them for 110 - 250.00 per box (there were about 50-75 boxes).  Then another lady was paying 150.00 a box and finally the last lady took all of them that was left (17 boxes) for 125.00 each.  

So on to the Victorian Scrap books.  I am so pleased to say I got 3 baggies full of individual pieces of "Scrap" plus some Christmas Scrap - including several sheets of the same German Scrap (Victorian Santas) from 1890.    I paid far more than I wanted to but the old fart who was bidding against me honked me off.  I had set a price in my mind on what my worst case scenario price would be and luckily I didn't have to go quite that high so I was pleased.

AND...I was able to get 3 of the Victorian Scrap books I wanted!!!!  I was so excited...I paid dearly for 2 of the 3 but each of the books was special in it's own way.  They are all from the 1890' has a few bits from the 1900-1910 era but most are pre-1900.  

They are each in varying conditions.  This first book has some loose pages but most are in tact.  

Here are just a few of the many pages.....

Here is the second one I was the most expensive because it is in pristine missing pages and only a couple loose pieces in the entire book.  Hundreds and hundreds of pieces of ephemera.  It's a beautiful book!  The image on the front is just stunning...

And here are some of the pages....

Check out this cat German Scrap's 8.5" tall!!!

I haven't taken photos of the last book's in the worst condition.  Virtually all of the pages are loose but it too is filled with lovely scrap.  The pages are deteriorating pretty bad so I am going to try to remove the pieces from the pages before they too deteriorate.  

I will be over time scanning each image from all of the books and sharing many with you all.  I can hardly wait till you see all of these wonderful vintage images!  


  1. Beautiful cache of ephemera. I'm not surprised at the bidding. That's why I don't go to auctions --afraid I'll leave bankrupted!

  2. Wow. These are beautiful. Look forward to seeing more of them. Good luck with the third book - hope you manage to rescue everything.

  3. It must be so exciting to get all these goodies! Congratulations on your auction wins!

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    1. sorry I don't know what happend here lol :P

  5. OMG that is one amazing treasure, they are gorgeous!!! And we are so lucky to know you ;-) My crafty life wouldn't be as pretty if it wasn't for all those fantastic images you share with us!

  6. conrgratulations, beautiful pictures, great find!

  7. Very cool! I know you will enjoy each and every piece!

  8. Nice auction Roni and awesome job you on your purchase. :)

  9. What TREASURES! I love that big Kitty die cut~ may I copy a JPG for personal use only? Thank you for all you do and share, Roni! You're the best!

  10. What a great opportunity! You'll have loads of fun!

  11. I don't know if you have removed any of the tradecards yet, but they can safely be soaked off in hot tap water. It will dissolve most of the old glues and not hurt the old lithographed cards. Blot them, and just before they are totally dry, iron them face down on a smooth cloth. Don't use this method on the highly embossed (raised surface) cards as they will split apart! I bought my first albums 35 years ago at a collectors auction. I had visited her home once and then people came from all over the country to buy her buttons and ephemera. I too, only managed to get leftovers, but went on to find other items elsewhere.


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