Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Altered Playing Card - Week 5

Today I finished up my cards for week #5 in the Altered Playing Card Challenge.  Let's get right to it....

Both cards this week had butterflies in the mix as well as an inspiration word for each.  The first card was made using acrylic paint, a circle stencil, a bit of pen work and a little guy as it's focus with the inspiration word - Imagination.  Notice the butterfly in the background...

So, keeping with the general idea I too painted my card with acrylic paint - Turquois Dina Wakley paint.

Since I didn't have a circle stencil of any kind I decided to use my circle template instead!  It worked pretty good...

I added two colors of blue to each circle - a dark and light for contrast.  Once the paint dried I outlined each circle with my white pen from Sakura.

I added pen work along the edge and instead of drawing little circles in the corners I used bubble wrap and gesso.

Instead of little paint dots I added a few pearls along the edge.  Also, my reference to the butterfly is the butterfly wings I added to my woman.

And here's how it turned out!

Claudine's second card incorporated a fun collage background that she made with pattern papers and a bit of brown ink.

I set about creating my background but instead of pattern paper I used real vintage ephemera - my fav!  I also used Vintage Creative Medium which has a nice sepia finish to it.

Here it is in the drying stage...

Next I trimmed off all of the excess paper, inked the edges and added a bit of washi tape to the bottom (the numbers) and the upper RH corner (the dots).  My nod to the butterfly theme is the column of butterflies I stamped on the right side using Cloudy Sky StazOn Midi.

And here is how she turned out!

And both of them together....


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!