Monday, April 14, 2014

Vintage Handbag Card + Template

Today I have a fun card and template to share with you ~ a vintage handbag card!  This is a really fun card for all of the women in your life.   The example I made today is sized to allow you to tuck a gift card inside but you can of course re-size it fit your needs.

Below you will find the template both in PDF form (ava. on Scribd.) or a jpeg.


1. Trace the template onto your cardstock.  I am using double sided heavy cardstock/pattern paper.  You will notice the little extra piece setting there... I traced the upper portion of the handbag a second time and free-hand trimmed it out.  I wanted it to represent the metal piece that was on the opening of vintage handbags....if I'd have thought I should have also cut out the thumb closure too but I'll have to do that on the next one.

2. I used Guilders Paste (like metallic rub-ons) to color the extra piece...  I then glued it to the front of the purse.  I didn't make one for the back side but you can if you'd like.

3. Next I added 4 eyelets (there are only 2 shown on the template).  You don't have to use eyelets but it makes the card more durable.  You could also just add them to the front if desired for one strap instead of two.  As far as what you use for the strap of the handbag you could use fibers, ribbon, twine, bakers twine, small chain, or even paper.  Leaves lots of opportunity for stylish extras!

4. I just tied the ribbon with little knots but you could just thread them through and tape it down.

And here you go.....
By tucking one of the little balls behind the other it holds the card/handbag closed!

How fun is that?
Now you've got the perfect card for your girlfriend, Mom (mother's day is coming up!!), daughter, aunt, etc....


  1. The bag is so cute and adorable =) Thanks for the template =D

  2. This is so adorable. Thanks for the template I can't wait to make this bag for my oldest granddaughter. Everyone needs a new handbag for Easter along with new shoes ;-). Wishing you a Happy Easter!

  3. how cute is this!!!!!!
    thanks for sharing!!!

  4. awesome! thanks for the template and the tutorial! xo


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