Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Epic Rubber Band Crafts - Give-A-Way!!

Hi Friends - last fall I was so pleased to be able to share "Totally Awesome Rubber Band Jewelry" with you all.  Well, Colleen Dorsey & Design Originals has come out with a second book - Epic Rubber Band Crafts!!!  It is a brand new, just released book (April 2014) on the amazingly popular rubber band crafting.

New book offers kid-friendly instructions and never-before-seen projects

The Toy Industry Association has named the Rainbow Loom the 2014 Toy of the Year! While the original book was filled with various jewelry designs this book is packed with loads of fun project ideas for making bracelets, cell phone covers, action figures, and more to make, use and wear!   My personal favorite is the Fringe Bracelet & Scrunchies.

This book contains supply lists and offers hundreds of step-by-step color photos with enough sidebars, tips, and tricks to keep anybody entertained for hours, girls, boys, moms and dads alike!  It really is addictive once you get started.  There is literally something for everyone in this book.

I bought my sons fiance a loom & bands for Christmas and she's made all sorts of fun and funky bits for us all!  Below are a couple pictures of just some of the ones she made for me.  My favorite so is either the green/blue sparklie gelly bracelet or one of the rainbow bracelets in the second photo.

Would you like to own a copy of this brand new book?

To be entered to win, simply post a comment telling us if you've tried your hand at rubber band crafting or if you know someone who has a Rainbow Loom (or similar).  If you do, tell us what you've made with it!  

You have until 4-16-14 to post a comment 
to be entered to win!


  1. I have not tried rubber band crafting yet but would love to! The projects look awesome! Thanks for the chance!

  2. I think the rubber-band playing looks fun. reminds me of the original loom with yarn and you mostly made drink holder mats or potholders.
    count me in

  3. MY cousin's daughter love the rainbow loom. She would love this book,

  4. Wow, what a sweet gift away granddaughter has been trying, and trying to make these things for her, and her little school chummies....she struggles with new idea's, so her friends have something different from each other. Your gift would make her the most GIFTED RUBBER BAND GIRL would put one BIG rubber band smile with this adorable book of How To's...and she will wear those pages out, I can assure you....if she wins of course...Many rubber band smiles from Olivia, and myself to you, and your generosity ....thanks!

  5. I have not heard of rubber band crafting until your post. It looks like a lot of fun and something easy to do. I would love to try some of the crafts

  6. My grandkids have a similar loom and are busy making bracelets. They would love a book to show them how to make other projects, especially covers for their IPads.

  7. Thank you for the chance to win this cool book for my son's teacher, She had a loom and bands for kids to use as a reward for getting their work done. My son has made several bracelets and likes this craft but he does not want a loom, so his teacher would be the perfect recipient!
    Roni, thanks for all the ink and paper coparisons you did last week...I meant to comment and thank you earlier! You're the best!

  8. Thank you for the possibility to win this book. It just starting here in the Netherlands.
    I would love this for my grandchildren to get busy and work with it.

    thank you

  9. Although I have not tried this yet, my then 16 year-old daughter had to have a loom when they first came out and still enjoys it. Would be fun to see the non-jewelry applications of the loom. Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. Hi Roni, My four grandsons are busily making these loom bracelets, the whole family is now wearing them, I am sure they would really enjoy the instruction book if they were lucky enough to win it, Thanks for the opportunity, Jas

  11. I bought Rainbow Looms for 2 of my grandsons for Christmas, and they love them! They've made lots of bracelets.

  12. I have never tried this, though I've seen materials and books in the local crafts stores. My friend who teaches second grade has purchased looms and tons of rubber bands and her students have created lots of bracelets. I'd be interested in seeing what else can be made with these bands. And I think her students would love more ideas!!! Thanks for the chance to win. Anne, yourmainestamper


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