Sunday, January 5, 2014

Stamp Garage Sale - New Goodies - Finally!!!

Hi All ~
I've been working all day on trying to get the new stamps added to the Stamp Garage sale.  It's been a trial...we're having a terrible snow storm (over a foot on top of what we've already had) and my internet keeps going out!!!
Anyway, I *think* I have everything added...some of the photos aren't edited and I didnt' take the time to list all of the mfg. of the stamps but they are there.
If you're interested, please e-mail me at ronijj at gmail dot com.  Remember it's first come first serve so I'll try to get everything on your list and update it as I pull stamps.  I will e-mail you the stamps left and your total (stamps + shipping).
If you have any ?'s please ask away!
I hope everyone is staying warm and safe!
I'm pretty sure we're going to be snowed in for a few days...
our county is on a Level 1 Snow Emergency...
(only official vehicles allowed on the roads)
so we'll be staying put for a while!
Pics tomorrow of our snow :)


  1. I didn't get any pictures of the garage sale items.????
    Also note the reply I got from Tim Holtztim holtz I didn't mention any names so everyone is safe, but told him about the hard ink problems. Edna B
    To Me
    Today at 1:18 PM
    hi Edna.

    sorry to hear about your adirondack paint dabbers. if you or anyone else has an issue with your paint you can contact ranger (who are the manufacturers) directly at and they will replace them if needed.

    - tim

  2. In the snow with you. I got myself shoveled out just a bit ago.. will try to find the sale items somewhere.
    Thanks for all you do with your blog. love your ideas and info

  3. Yikes! That is a lot of snow! I emailed you an order for some of the stamps but got no reply so I am assuming that it is because of your power issues. Where I live we are dealing with horribly cold temperatures and windchills putting us in the -40 to -60° range.


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