Monday, January 27, 2014

Spritzer Tool

This tool just goes to prove the something old can be new again....
Ranger & Tim Holtz introduced the "Distress Marker Spritzer" at CHA earlier this month and won a spot on CHA's Hot 20 Awards list.  

The air spritzer tool is nothing new, Stampin Up! has in the past offered them in their catalog for several years (not sure if it still is...I haven't seen a catalog in a couple years) and I bought my InkWorx "Air Art Gun" back in 1998.  There is even one NIP on Ebay right now if you can believe it... Vintage InkWorx Air Art Gun ...of course they called it vintage (slapping my forehead...)  Makes me feel old - LOL!!!  Since there are no moving parts and it's hand operated mine still works perfectly.  (shown below)

Anyway, today I thought I'd show you how it works and what it looks like.  These tools are designed so you can insert a marker into the holder, there is a little plastic screw to secure the marker so it doesn't slip out - just tighten it until the marker is snug then squeeze the air bulb!  That's it...  I've used assorted brands of markers in the tool ~ Sharpies, Bic, American Crafts, Memento, Pentel, Distress Markers, etc.  They all work well.  The most important thing to remember is to be sure that the tip of the marker is in the path of the bulb tip - that way when the air is squeezed out of the bulb it's actually misting right across the tip of the marker/ink.   Many people have complained in the past about the air tools not working properly but with a minor adjustment of the marker placement they work fine.

It's a really cool tool to apply color to your projects.  You can vary the look of the dispersed ink by adjusting how much and how quickly you push the air out of the bulb.  You can hold the bulb steady or squeeze the air out of the bulb while moving the tool across your paper and each will produce totally different looks.  Another factor which will change the look of your resulting ink splatter is how closely you hold the tool away from the paper when you squeeze the bulb.  Closer to the paper will yield compact tightly formed splatters and as you get further from the paper the ink spray patterns increase in size and how dispersed they are.  It's lots of fun to experiment with just to see how many different looks you can achieve using one simple tool.

This months kit from Club Scrap is called Graffiti which fits in with this tool PERFECTLY!!!  So, I started off by stamping the graffiti type word "ART" onto my paper.

I started off by holding the tool stationary a couple inches away from the paper...
you can see it created a pretty wide spray pattern...

Next I used the green about the same height but moved it a short distance when I squeezed the bulb.  

I used the yellow a bit closer and made several short bursts (on the left side) and several long sweeping bursts (lower right)...

I used the pink both stationary, upclose as well as a few sweeping motions.

Here are a few close ups of the different looks....

And my finished card!

So, there you have a quick look at a fun air brush type tool that will help you create all sorts of nifty color patterns on your projects.

OH - and if you liked the sneak peek at the Club Scrap Graffiti kit
be sure to stop back Wednesday.
That is when the official Club Scrap Blog Hop is.
You'll see all sorts of fun Graffiti projects and
I'll be giving away the goodie I made to one lucky reader!
I won't spoil the surprise by telling you what it is but I'm sure you'll get lots of enjoyment from it!

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  1. WOW, my son would love this for making "graffiti" art.

  2. I wasn't really interested in this back then or now but after reading your post....I NEED one. Thank you so much for showing the possibilities and like Sparkly Engineer, my son would love this tool too. I love when we both can use my tools in our art!

  3. what a great graffiti effect!
    stamping sue

  4. Thanks for posting this coz I bought one last November and I haven't tried using it due to other priorities. Have a great day!

  5. This looks fantastic! Can't wait to see what you have in store tomorrow!

  6. Glad you shed some light on this tool for your readers. I was a little disappointed in Tim when he said (CHA video) the Airbrush was scarce and not available until now. Actually there are some online companies (as you mentioned) that sell (or have sold) these tools both currently and in the past. In fact, there is a company called Perfect Papercrafting that has (what looks to be) this exact same tool. It wouldn't surprise me if word gets out later that they supplied him with it---kind of like Ranger's Specialty Stamping Paper being made by LaBlanche Stamps. (same concept with the Airbrush).

  7. I was given one by a friend who'd purchased hers thru Stampin' Up. She was disappointed in it and so was I, but now, after seeing your directions, I'm ready to give it another shot! Thanks, Roni!

  8. I have the original "Art Works" blue spritzer. I used it a few times and then stuck it up in my "Stamping Attic" not to be heard of again. ggg I need to find it and dust it off and try it again, maybe with some other markers like the copics or something. Thanks for the refresher course. ;-)


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