Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mini Mailbox - Template & Instructions

Since Valentine's Day is approaching quickly I thought it would be fun to make a Mailbox to tuck a card, candy or other goodies into as a nice little surprise for your sweetie.

Well, when I went in search of a nice mailbox they were all big enough for a Hershey Kiss...  That's not going to do so I decided to make my own!

Here is the basic template....

Printed on an 8.5x11 sheet of cs.

or here is a link to the PDF

Mailbox Template

Basic Supplies:

Template Printed on Cardstock
1 Extra Sheet of Cardstock
1 Brad (to attach the flag)


1. Print the template on cardstock or pattern paper & cut out all the parts.  Set aside for now.

2. Cut the extra sheet of cardstock or pattern paper as follows: 

Cut 1 piece - 9" x 5.5"
Cut 1 piece - 3" x 5.5"

3. Score the 9" x 5.5" piece 1/2" on each end of 9" long side.

Here's what it looks like....

4. Now lay the scored cardstock on your table with the tabs facing up.  Fold each tab over and apply adhesive.

5. Take the 3" x 5.5" piece and line it up along the edge of the tab.  Press it into place.

6. Take the second tab and fold it around (carefully) so it aligns with the other side of the 3" x 5.5" piece of cardstock.

You now have the start of your mailbox!

7. Now it's time to finish your mailbox! Score and fold the various pieces where indicated on the template.  You will notice that one end cap has 4 tabs and the other end cap has one tab.    The end cap with 4 tabs will become the back of the mailbox.

Apply glue to all of the tabs.

8.  Slide the back end cap into the mailbox about 1/8 - 1/4" and affix all 4 tabs to the bottom, top & sides of the mailbox.  I found it helps if you slide one hand in the open end to help position and make sure the tabs are adhered to each area.

Here is my end cap in and glued in place....

9. Affix the handle to the front of the other end cap.  This is your mailbox lid.

10.  Slide the front end cap or mailbox lid in 1/8" - 1/4" and press the flap down to the base.

11.  Poke a hole in the side of the mailbox and use a brad to attach the flag to the mailbox.  

And you're done!

This little mailbox is large enough to tuck in a small card, candy or other goodies!
Tomorrow I'll share my finished example!


  1. How awesome! Thanks for the template!

  2. Wonderful, thanks for the template!!!

  3. You have made this easier for me...Thanks so much for sharing!!


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