Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 Technique Calendar - November - Rub-On Stenciled Resist

2014 Technique Calendar
Rub-On Stenciled Resist

I don't know if you've ever tried Craf-T Products Metallic Rub-Ons before but they are a wonderful creamy medium that adds a shine and shimmer to any project.  These rub-ons have been around for quite some time but they are similar to newer products such as Rub & Buff or Inka Gold type products.  I have several kits but I love my metal metallics the most.  You just can't beat 'em for a brilliant finish.

Normally used to add highlights or a metallic luster to a project I had it in my mind that they might just work for a resist technique so I set out to give it a shot.  Sure enough it worked like a charm so I thought I'd make it the technique for November's calendar page.


Metallic Rub-Ons (or other similar product)
Stencil of your choice
Dye Spray Ink
Stamps (optional)
Embellishments to finish off calendar page


1. Place the stencil over the tag, either use a bit of removable tape to hold it in place or simply hold it in place with your hand (which is what I did).

2.  Use your finger tip or a foam applicator to apply the metallic rub-ons over the stencil.  I used a bit of cut & dry foam from Ranger.  I tried my finger but my hands were so cold it didn't want to work - LOL!!

I used several different colors over the entire could use one color or more for your own.

3. Spray on desired color of dye ink spray...I used Dylusions Squeezed Orange since it's a fall type design I'm going for.

Now, don't waste all that ink, To help sop up some of the excess and resisted ink I used other tags to soak it up....

I was actually able to color two additional tags from the first.  Now I have a start on two more tags!

Here's what the tag looks like once it's dry...I wanted to show some of the shimmer you get from the metallic rub-ons....  It's so hard to show just how beautiful the color and luster is.

4. Optional - If desired you can add a few stamped images over the resist.  I wanted to add a touch of fall to the card since the vintage people stamps I'm going to use aren't really fall-ish.  I love these skeletonized oak leaves from Deep Red Stamps.  They are so realistic.

And here is my finished tag!

All stamps Deep Red Stamps
Stencil - Club Scrap

A closer look at the tag....

Gosh, only one more month left in our 2014 Technique Calendar!
It seems to have flown by and I have so many more techniques to share....
actually, I can't wait to go into some of the techniques a little more in depth. 
They have sprouted so many ideas, I can't wait!

Hope you're all having fun and keeping up!
See you tomorrow for the final page in our Calendar!


  1. Wow - great technique. I'm off to give it a go!

  2. I can't wait to get some of these metallic rub-ons. I've never heard of them and they look very cool! I love the look of this technique!!

  3. Totally enjoying all your tutorials and creations. Love those Deep Red Stamps. I have those metalic rubs somewhere in my stash and haven't used them in ages. Guess it's time to go through and find them again.


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