Thursday, November 21, 2013

Multi Layer Background Technique

Today I wanted to share a card/technique that I had planned on sharing with you 2 weeks ago when we had 3" of snow on the ground but alas way too many irons in the fire, I never did get it posted.
Better late than never!
I wanted to show you how easy it is to make a multi level background which really adds depth and dimension to a card for any season/reason.  I just happened to be using it for a wintery card because of the weather.
Multi Layer Background Technique

1. Decide how large you would like your card to be.  I was going for a 5x7 card so I started out by stamping a background that was about 6x8...  I always like to have a bit extra I can trim off around the edges.

2. Choose a background stamp you like and stamp it over the entire area...I am using a fairly large background image so I only had to stamp it twice as shown.

3. Sprinkle with embossing powder (in this case silver) and heat to melt the powder.  Don't worry if it's not you can see I have a few areas where the ink was light and my center line seems to have over lapped a bit.  This just adds a nice bit of character I think.

4. Next flip the paper over and mark out 2 or more layers.  I am using 3 for this card but you could use 2, 3, 4 or more.  I wanted a larger frame around the outside edge and smaller portion for the center because I have a winter themed sentiment that will fit into it perfectly. 
TIP: I used the grids on my stamping blocks as guidelines but a ruler would work as well.

5. Cut apart your individual frames with an exacto knife, scissors or trimmer.

6. Mat each layer with desired color of cardstock.  The extra mat will nest over the previous layer perfectly!

7.  Choose a few embellishments for your card...for this one I am using die-cut snowflakes along with a stamped sentiment and pair of mittens.

8.  I added a couple of the die-cuts to the base of the card.

9.  I then used foam tape to lift the next layer off the base and added 2 more snowflakes.

10.  I added the final layer again with foam tape then finished off the card with a bit of Stickles Glitter Glue and some half pearls.

You now have a very dimensional card with very little effort
yet it yields stunning results!



  1. great technique! thanks for the tutorial :)

  2. You make it look SO easy - lol - beautiful card ~

  3. Brilliant - such a simple idea but it looks fab!!

  4. hola!! tanto tiempo sin pasar! está bello el blog
    todo lindo!
    felicidades y un abrazo desde Chile!!

  5. Great technique Roni. You are full of great ideas


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