Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Book - "Totally Awesome Rubber Band Jewelry" - Review & Give-A-Way!

Recently I was asked if I'd like to review the new Design Originals / Fox Chapel  book,
by Colleen Dorsey.
Now I must admit, I hadn't heard of the loom or jewelry until it was featured on the Today show back in August.  Apparently this is new crafty trend is sweeping the nation!
If you've not heard of rubber band jewelry, maybe you've heard mention the "tools" to make it ~ the Rainbow Loom, Cra-Z-loom or Fun Loom are the hottest "Must Have's" for kids (8+), tweens & teens.   To me it's reminiscent of the potholder looms from the 70's updated for today's youth.  The principal is basically the same, taking small loops, in this case very colorful small rubber bands, weaving them together turning them into fun modern forms of jewelry.
Just in time for Christmas Design Originals has come out with this wonderful full color book demonstrating 12 original projects (from bracelets, necklaces to hair accessories) and detailed instructions for each. 
The book is laid out in two sections, the first portion of the book is an introduction to the loom, the tools, the basics and how to make a basic bracelet on the loom and one on a (crochet) hook.   Once you know the basics the author shares how to put this information into practice with a wide variety of nifty favorite being the starburst bracelet.
After reading through the book I thought it sounded like fun!
If I had a girl that would wear these rubber band creations I would certainly jump right in and we'd both be making them - LOL!!
Since this book is brand new I thought I'd share a few places you can find it....
NOW, since I live in a house full of guys ~ who definitely wouldn't wear rubber band jewelry no matter how awesome it is, I am going to pass this book on to a lucky Ink Stained reader!
To enter to win, simply post a comment about this fun and funky new craft sensation!
You have until 11-27-13 to enter to win...
at that time I will draw the winner using
Good Luck Everyone!!!


  1. Wow Roni
    You are so genourous I have a teen with autism who would love to wear these. Never heard of them before
    Jennifer Palmer

  2.'s the next best thing since sliced bread here in Ontario too. I saw a young lad wearing both the necklace and the braclets. You can get them at Michaels too, but the coupons are not valid with them.

  3. It is very populsr in Ohio as well. I purchased the loom to do crafts with a few kids at work. They love it! I haven't been able to teach them any other style than what is on the included guide due to internet restrictions/accedss. This book would be a great thing. They make them to give to their friends st school. They range in age from 4 to 10.

  4. I have seen those advertised and wondered about them. It would be perfect for my 12 year old granddaughter who is my special little crafter. She started crafting with me at age 4 and always is up to new challenges. She recently has started working with duck tape, making billfolds for cousins.

  5. My 16 year-old spent her own money on a loom and loves it! Her younger cousins (boys and girls) are also into it. Thanks for the opportunity for her to learn some new styles!

  6. Never heard of this Roni but it sounds fun. Always nice to learn something new

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  8. Would you consider giving it away to an international reader -- because I'm really curious about this and want to give it a try (and review it for my beaders/jewellery makers blog when I'm at it). Have heard it's popular with the kids in the US, but as far as I know it hasn't reached Scandinavia.

  9. hing since sliced bread here in I saw a young lad wearing both the necklace and the braclets. You can get them rubber bracelets cheap and you can also wear the latest trend thanks for sharing..


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