Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Sad State of Trick-or-Treating in Our Day and Age....

O.k...I'm going to do something I normally don't do...
I'm going to jump on my soap box here for a moment and talk about the very sad state of affairs this world is in.
Disclaimer - I'm going to complain about what I see as stupidity...
Wal-Mart was recently criticized for selling the costume shown below because it was titled "Naughty Leopard"....

Walmart pulls costume with unfortunate name (Good Morning America)

A couple of bloggers (who obviously have corn cobs up their butts) were complaining and raising a stink because of the word "Naughty"... and I quote....“What sort of parent buys a costume like this for their little girl? What sort of mind designs it?

This is far tamer than what many people dress their kids up on a regular, daily basis.   If it's the word Naughty that's got them going then they need to get THEIR minds out of the gutter and get over themselves. For craps sake - it's Halloween...time to dress up and have fun.

Apparently there are fewer and fewer politically correct costumes you can dress your kid in now a days....  in the same article on Yahoo - "Wal-Mart Yanks Scandalous Kids' Costume After Uproar"   devil costumes, psycho and mental patients are out; no guns...sorry cowboys - but that's o.k.. cause it's not appropriate or PC to dress up as an Indian either. 

Some educated ying-yang wrote, "People should be thinking about costumes for young children that might encourage play or learning,” she said. “Like costumes that have some meaning in a child’s world, and could maybe encourage them to crawl around and actually pretend to be a cat.”  
PALEEZE (yes, I know it's spelled wrong) - Halloween is NOT an educational opportunity for gosh shakes, it's a time for kids to dress up and have FUN. Do any of these uptight nimrods know what that is?!?! 

Apparently, nobody remembers their costumes when they were kids?  I was a princess, Dracula, Wonder Woman, Bat Girl, a Tiger, and more....  I suppose the Red Cross is going to make a facebook page (a group of people have something similar - referred to in the article) against dressing up as Dracula or vampires because they cut in on their business?!?!?  Shoot, why not one for the Zoological Society too...after all ~ NONE of the animal costumes are anatomically correct.  Or how about a ban on all Super Hero costumes because everyone knows they originated in comic books and gosh, didn't I read somewhere that they rot your brain...

I think all these people who are protesting this, banning that and just complaining in general need to shut up and get a life.  I mean after all, what's next....Making Santa change the name of his "List" to Disobedient and Obedient????  Oh but wait, it's not really appropriate to discipline your children for their bad behaviors now is it?  They're just expressing least that's what I read on a blog somewhere.  So, let's see...even if you're a snot nose, mouthy little brat, it's o.k. because people don't really have to take RESPONSIBILITY for their actions or the actions of their children anymore...
So, Santa should just toss the whole list idea and reward you no matter what...
we wouldn't want to single out or scar anyone now would we?
Gosh, it's a wonderful world ain't it?
(and yes, I'm sure I'm going to scar you for a good long time by using ain't instead of isn't.)
O.k...rant over, stepping down off my soap box.


  1. omg..i couldn't have said it better!!! get on your soapbox and scream it to the world!!!...and,can you make room for me to join you?!!!!

  2. Well put! I totally agree, Halloween is for fun, dress up, eat candy, get your pants scared off! Many out there are raising disrespectful, nasty kids because there is no discipline. Time we went backwards a bit!

  3. It is totally disgusting what's happened to our society!!! I agree with you 100%!! I say..let the kids be kids. Let them PLAY! Let them get dirty! Toss the electronic devices and learn to communicate again! Halloween is meant to be scarey in an innocent way, at least, IMHO! So your soapbox has grown some now that I've added my 2 cents!!

  4. Here here, Roni! Couldn't agree more with you.

  5. I've long said that this country needs another political party - the Common Sense Party. Go get 'em, Roni!

  6. Well said Ronnie - and I thought it was just the UK that was spouting all this nonsense and promoting lack of discipline. You go girl.....

  7. Ooh disgruntled bloggers!! What fun. I think most people have forgotten the reason for Halloween, like people think Christmas is about presents!! I know there's at least one treader saying, "well, isn't it??" I'm in Norway. The Christians here were running a campaign last year to get rid of unsuitable costumes like witches, vampires and ghouls. They suggested princesses for the girls and, get this, pirates for the boys. When did pirates become nice? What like those ones off Africa kidnapping and killing people. I agree Roni, all this "correctness" is just a step way too far. Halloween is a pagan festival. It's about the here and the there. I say, get your ghoul on.........

  8. Well said! I totally agree with everything you said.

  9. Agreed we need to chillax on children's costumes. No way a child is going to understand what a naughty leopard is in this sense. Other than the ears, it doesn't resemble a leopard at all. The child is only going to reflect the cues she sees from her mother and other women in her life. If they're "naughty" then she'll see that as the norm, costume or not. Frankly, I've been rather appalled at costumes I've seen at our church's Halloween parties over the years. Not two-year-olds, but older girls dressed not unlike hookers. Pre-teens are obviously struggling to understand their sexuality. They weren't reflecting their mothers so much as society at large (well beyond the world of toddlers). I understand and agree with your intent, but still I'm bothered by parents who would want to project their adult whims of sexy Halloween costumes on children. This costume is only mildly suggestive, but more importantly, it isn't what the girl would want. It isn't a leopard at all. A child should be allowed to choose a costume, and it should then reflect in a reasonable way what the child wants. A toddler could never comprehend what this costume is suggesting. And it's ok for kids to fantasize about strengths and abilities well beyond their own. Sexuality is different.

  10. I know what you mean. People aren't allowed to discipline their kids anymore (for the seemingly few who are inclined to do so). And everything one thinks, says or does is somehow politically incorrect - so you are afraid to open your mouth in public! And if one person complains about ANYTHING, it is removed or forbidden, and no one else is allowed to use it or do it ever again. So much for FREEDOM!!


  11. Glad you got on your soap box! I was talking with my husband yesterday and totally agree!
    Vicky Briggs

  12. Bravo and amen!!!! As Fred Thompson says "why do they call it common sense when it's so uncommon?"


  13. Roni, all I can say is.....YOU GO GIRL!

    I am becoming so frustrated by the few who are trying their best to gain control over the masses. It appears that there are a few idiots who have way too much time on their hands.

    I am a firm believer that there needs to be the monitoring of issues that could have a devastating impact on the progress that our Nation has made within the area of basic human rights. Without a sensitivity within this area, there could easily be the opportunity to backslide into the dark ages of our Country's history. With this consideration in mind, I feel confident that a little girl wearing an adorable dress, pointed, kitty cat ears and a tail pretending to be a naughty kitty will not change the course of our Nation's progess. The flip side to this tale of woe (pardon the pun) is that I am much more concerned with the curmudgeon legion who feel that it is their right to be the moral barometer for our children.

    It is an unfortunate truth that the innocence of childhood has been shortened considerably due in part to technological advances. Children have been exposed to topics and issues that at one time were only discussed in hushed tones among adults. So it is for this reason, that we must allow our children to have at least one day of the year that encourages their imaginations to run wild all while spinning on their heels from the joy of a massive sugar rush.

    In our houshold, my son and daughter, were superheroes, a variety of animals, monsters, scarecrows, dead mad scientists, dead brides, dead Civil War Soldiers (yes, we had a running theme for a few years), but the bottom line in our household was, if they could dream it, we were off to a thrift store and fabric stores in the quest of finding the perfect pieces for their costumes in order to bring their vision to life.

    As a family, we spent a good amount of time in the kitchen concocting formulas for scar tissue and protruding bones. They had so much fun rummaging through my makeup box in the quest to find just the right colors to finish their look. Interestingly enough, both of my now adult children went on to pursue their creative interests in the theatre, and film both in high school and college, and now, as adults, they are in positions that mandate that they not only have technology skills, but they must be outside of the box problem solvers.

    Ultimately, Halloween gave my children the opportunity to use their imagination, and gain the confidence to actively persue their interests and then have the knowlege that sometimes dreams and goals need hard work, focus and dedication. It also taught them to never take themselves so seriously that they forego the opportunity to laugh and share a smile with a coworker. Wow, did I just describe teachable moments thanks to the celebration of Halloween?

    Thanks Roni for giving me the space to proudly stand next to you on your soap box!

    I am with all of you and our glorious leader of creativity, Roni. I say please, for the love of God, let's not micro-manage our children's imaginations because if we do, who will be the next generation of Ink Stain followers? And who, will be the dreamers of dreams who color our world with such beauty and hope for the future?
    Kathy Jones


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