Monday, September 16, 2013

Stamped Paper Clay Charms - Part II

Now that the paper clay charms have had a really good chance to dry we're ready to move onto the next step.

You'll need to pop the eyelet out of the charm.
(Set the eyelet aside for safe keeping...we won't need it again till the end)
Since the paper clay has dried it will come out very easily due to shrinkage when drying.
Most likely the eyelet won't have gone all the way through the charm so you can clean out the remainder of the hole with a paper pick and/or exacto knife. 

Now, paint the entire charm with whatever color you want. 
Here's where you can pull out your artistic license. 
Have fun, paint a little or a's totally up to you.
I like to cover the front and back and I try to get in the little cracks and crevices but it's totally not necessary. 

Here's what they look like at this point...
They need to dry pretty good before moving on.
I like to speed drying with my heat tool.

Now, dry brush (or in my case finger) your next layer of paint on...
this will help make the details pop!

If desired, after that layer of paint has can add a bit more again dry brushing it on so you don't obliterate the paint work you've already done.

The last step is to glue the eyelets back into the charm.
I just use a dab of super glue.

Now you've got some rockin' hand crafted charms ready
to gift or use yourself!

Fun huh?


  1. The layers of paint really make them pop! Great charms!

  2. I really like these paper clay charms. I haven't tried anything like this, and it's a great idea for getting more use out of stamps. I've only done metal stamping on washers, etc. Thanks for sharing your technique.

    Crafty Journal


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