Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Off to the Zoo!

I don't have anything crafty to share with you today but I do have some awesome pics I took at the Zoo today!!

I love going to the zoo...any zoo and today I went with my sons gf and we had lots of fun.  We went to our local - Fort Wayne Children's Zoo.

It's not a really big zoo like Toledo or Indy or L'ville zoos but it's still got some great exhibits and they participate in lots of conservation efforts across the United States.   I just learned today that they have the largest mob of Eastern Grey Kangaroos in the country...their male roo is also going to be moving on to populate other areas of the country to help carry on the line.

Anyway, here are some pics of just a few of the things we saw...

My fav's!

First time Morgan ever touched a snake. 
The guy was really nice and talked her into it with my help ;)

This guy was a visitor to the zoo...not an actual resident!
He was fishing in their duck/cat fish pond right near a gazebo they have set up in the water.
You can feed them with some little pellets.
Well, this guy was so close to the feeding area I thought I'd try and help him out.
I was dropping lots of the pellets into the water to try and make the fish come to the surface and low and behold he was able to grab breakfast!
I've never seen one so up close nor have I ever witnessed them hunting.
You wouldn't believe how fast they are!

Anyway, that's what I did today...
I hope you all had a great day too!!


  1. I love the zoo, too! Thanks for sharing your day and the cool photos!

  2. hanks for sharing your happy day. Love the owl pile

  3. I, too, love the zoo. Fort Wayne has a very nice one. It's been a few years, but I've been there on vacation. Aren't God's creatures fascinating?


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