Friday, September 6, 2013

Merci...Fussy Cutting Fun

I know lots of people like to just stamp all of their images directly onto the card panel but sometimes I like to stamp my main image plus one or two extras on white cardstock and fussy cut them.

I know when you're trying to whip up a card quickly or need something in a hurry you don't always have the luxury to fussy cut but I love to make time for it every once in a while...I find it very relaxing.

Anyway, here are a couple images I stamped, colored and fussy cut...

This image was fun because of the rope & tassel ~ a bit of a challenge to trim out but worth it in the end.

And here is the card I added them too....
The back ground was stamped with a clock background and an Eiffel tower stamp.

I love how she came out :)

So, if you have a few extra minutes...
try fussy cutting an image or two.
You might find you like it.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


  1. She IS lovely. You did a wonderful job coloring her. I like the texture cutting and pasting gives a card. ALSO I like your new blog design--it is much easier on the eyes and easier to read. Thanks for making it so.

  2. You did a fantastic job of coloring her! Beautiful card! :)

  3. She's charming, Roni! I do NOT like fussy cutting one bit, but fortunately, the girl child does, so I always have a more-than-willing assistant!


  4. I like your term "fussy cut". I have a friend who just LOVES to sit and fussy cut! She does all her Christmas cards every year and then uses the results on cards, gift packages, tags, crafts, etc.

    Crafty Journal

  5. So pretty!!! I actually love fussy cutting and often stamp, color and cut out images that I keep for later. That way I can still make a quick card if I need to

  6. Very nice job! I love some of your works and I am really charmed how you do this))


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