Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Halloween & General Altered Charm Swap - Due 10-11-13

Welcome Everyone!!!
It's Altered Charm Swap Time!!!!
DUE 10-11-13
Most people wanted a Halloween themed charm swap but there were a few others who were leaning towards a "General" (no theme) for the swap.  I figured I'd accommodate both and have a Halloween group and a separate General group.  You can choose one or both....it's up to you.

Charm Swap Details: The charms can be created from anything you can dream up... there are tons of ideas on the web (search images under things like altered charms, altered charm bracelets, altered charm necklaces, Tim Holtz style necklace, charm swap; etc.)

There are also lots of ideas here on the blog under: Acrylic Charms; Charms; Jewelry.

If you have a copy of my book ~ Teach Yourself Visually Collage & Altered Arts there is an entire chapter dedicated to creating your own charms.

*You could create your charm from acrylic pieces, glass, metal, clay, found objects, etc. You could embellish bought metal charms (please don't send a plain metal charm) with beads, chain, or other items. There are many pendant blanks, bezels, etc. that can be altered (insert photo/words, etc & fill with Glossy Accents or the like); you could fill little bottles with sand/beads and other goodies ~ sealed & findings added. And so much more...let your imagination run wild!

*Each charm should have a jump ring or lobster clasp.

*You can make up to 3 sets of charms (1 set = 5 of the same/same style charm) per group (so the max is a total of 15 charms for General & 15 charms for Halloween if desired).

General - Which means anything under the sun.

*I would like it if each person would identify their charms either by placing it in a baggie with their name and e-mail addy or mounting it on a small card or tag with the same info. It's always nice to be able to thank people personally when you receive a piece of their art work.


 *Please package your charms securely so they arrive in good condition.

*Include a self addressed envelope for the return trip or if you want your charms returned priority mail please include a card with your full mailing address.
NOTE: I am in the United States but I welcome anyone who would like to play along. In the past we've had players from North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. I'd love to have artist from these and other areas join in the fun as well. You're all welcome :)
*POSTAGE NOTE - I'm really sorry about how high the mailing costs are - especially the international mail rates. 
The USPS really jacked up the prices. 

*Send $4.00 First Class or $6.00 for Priority Mail in the United States.
Canada - 9.00
Mexico - 12.00
Europe, Australia - 13.00
New Zealand - 12.00

PLEASE do NOT include pre-metered postage.
My local post office will not accept these. They will refuse them!

If you would like to pay-pal me the money that would work as well.
My e-mail addy will be in the final details.

Due Date:

Your charms are due October 11, 2013. This is when your package must be in my hands. I want to swap them out that weekend and have them back in the mail the following Monday so you can start enjoying them! :)

You are more than welcome to send your charms and ATC's together to save money!

Charm Swap Sign Ups:
Please include your e-mail addy (spaces added) so I can send you my mailing address and which group(s) you'd like to join.
Halloween Group
  1. Roni
  2. Dixie
  3. Nan G.
  4. Shirley H
  5. Jamie
  6. Dee Dee
  7. Nancy
  8. Kim K
  9. Robin
  10. Kris J
  11. Olga
  12. Kee
  13. Debbie W.
  14. Patti
  15. Anabela
  16. Heidi B
  17. Jasmin.
General Group
  1. Roni
  2. Dixie
  3. Nan G
  4. Shirley
  5. Jamie
  6. Elaine P
  7. Dee Dee
  8. Craftymoose Crafts 
  9. Olga
  10. Kee
  11. Anabela


  1. Look forward to this swap! Sign me up for 1 set General and 1 set Halloween. froggydesigns3 at yahoo dot com

  2. Hi, Roni! I would like to sign up for:
    1. 3 sets of General Charms
    2. 3 sets of Halloween Charms

    Shirley Hall

  3. Hello, please sign me up for 3 sets of charms for both categories. Thanks! Jamie

  4. Hi Roni:
    Please sign me up for 3 sets of General charms. Thanks! Elaine Paullus

  5. Howdy .. I will sign for 2 sets general and one set halloween... thanks so much...

    I am not sure what you are wanting out or the charms thou...

  6. Please sign me up for each group. thanks.

  7. Please sign me up for 3 sets in each group :)

  8. Sign me up for 2 Halloween and 1 general. I LOVED the charms I received last year!!

  9. Hey Roni,
    Sign me up for 3 sets of Halloween(15) total.looking forward to it!

  10. Hey Roni,
    Sign me up for 3 sets of Halloween(15) total.looking forward to it!

  11. Hi, Roni! This will be my first charm swap so I will start out slow. Please sign me up for one general. Thanks!

  12. Where do we send these to? I think I lost that part. I sent ya a email.. but might have gone to spam.. thanks Roni..

  13. Roni can you change me to 3 sets Halloween and no general? Im finding Im more into the Halloween spirit right now.

  14. I didnt read the directions very well. My email address is ltlblonde @ sbcglobal .net

  15. Hi Roni! I hope i can still join the swap! If so, count me in with 3 sets for Halloween and one set for General charms.
    I'll send the Money via PayPal. Thank you a lot for the swap, i always have so much fun!!!!!

  16. Hi Roni,
    Is it to late to join in? I would like to try one set in the Halloween. I am brand new to this and could use some tips!

  17. Hi Roni, I'd like to join the Halloween charm swap please! I'm going to email you right now... Mahalo!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!