Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Autumn Mixed Media Canvas

Despite the 93+ degrees here in Indiana it's starting to look like Fall so I thought it would be fun to make a little welcome canvas to hang by the front door.

Now I say canvas but I'm not actually using the fabric canvas, I'm just using that term as a platform for my mixed media collage.  I'm actually using a piece of a game board for the foundation.  I love to use game boards because they are so sturdy and I like to give life to old, discarded pieces. 

Next I glued on strips of text...I'm using the pages found in the back of an know where it lists the states/counties.  You could use any old book pages though ~ dictionary pages, school book pages, calendar pages, etc.  Whatever tickles your fancy.

Once the glue was dry I added some gesso here and there with some thick layers...

I took the thicker areas and dry brushed it around the rest of the canvas.

Time to add the first layer of color...
a few gelatos scribbled here and there.
I'm sticking with Autumn colors for this collage but of course you could use any colors you want.

I then spread it around with my Waterbrush.

In some areas I squeezed out quite a bit of water...
I was going to dilute the gelatos and make some water spots but to my surprise the combination of the glossy game board, gesso and excess water made the gesso pucker up!

Pretty cool effect...but
you HAVE to let it dry naturally.
I tried to dab up the excess water as you would do with Distress Inks but it sucked up most of the color and messed up the puckered gesso.
I also tried to speed drying with the heat tool but it made the gesso bubble up...
So, this is where I have to leave it for today...
Mother Nature is going to have to dry it for me and
since it's so humid here I'm sure it'll take a while.

So, until tomorrow friends...


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!