Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bookshelves Circle "Globe" Book

Welcome to the
Bookshelves Blog Hop!

I'm happy to be able to share my "Globe" (circle) mini album/book with you.

This book was constructed almost exclusively with materials from the Club Scrap March 2013 Bookshelves Kit.  The only extra bits I added were a length of brown ribbon for the closure, a brown envelope pocket and a couple library type cards to tuck inside the library pockets included in the kit.
For complete instructions on how to assemble this book please see -
Club Scrap Bookshelves Globe Book 001
Club Scrap Bookshelves Globe Book 002
Club Scrap Bookshelves Globe Book 003
Club Scrap Bookshelves Globe Book 004
Club Scrap - Bookshelves March 2013 037
Club Scrap Bookshelves Globe Book 006
Club Scrap Bookshelves Globe Book 007
Club Scrap Bookshelves Globe Book 011
Club Scrap Bookshelves Globe Book 013
Club Scrap Bookshelves Globe Book 014
Club Scrap Bookshelves Globe Book 015
Club Scrap Bookshelves Globe Book 016
Club Scrap Bookshelves Globe Book 017
Club Scrap Bookshelves Globe Book 019
Club Scrap Bookshelves Globe Book 021
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  1. Absolutely stunning Roni. Love how the pages all fit together but then flip out. Such a fantastic idea. Thanks so much for sharing, cheers. :)

  2. Roni, this book is OUTSTANDING!! Love everything about it and will certainly be making one for myself. Thanks for the link to the instructions, well done :)

  3. Oh, Roni...this book is gorgeous! I love everything about this book and I betcha can't wait to add some photos?

  4. AWESOME circle book, Roni, can I add my pictures. Love all the looks from each side and great instructions.

  5. That is an amazing circle book, Roni. What a piece of art! I just adore this. Wow!

  6. Fun. This paper collection needed a double set of those pretty printed papers.

  7. That is a super-fun project! Rock on!

  8. This is BEAUTIFUL!! I love your blog and am inspired by this project!!

  9. Oo cute album, this would be perfect to document a small trip with the pockets to hold memorabilia etc.

  10. Another amazing dimensional project. I really love all the little nooks and crannies. Thanks for joining us.

  11. WOW!!! That is a fabulous project - I might even want to try it!!

  12. Love your globe book! Every section is like a little room that will contain favorite pics, memories and quotes etc...just love that! The Bookshelves papers look great in this project of yours for sure, as always, thanks so much for sharing Roni!

  13. Awesome book Roni! I love all the details you added. It will be so much fun to fill up.

  14. That's a nifty little booK! Beautiful

  15. Very Awesome book Roni. I'm going to bookmark this one and CASE it when PSL is over. Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. oooohhhhhh ahhhhhhh such a GORGEOUS mini book! Very fun and creative and PERFECT for this kit!!

  17. Such a great book, Roni! Thanks for sharing all of the great photos! I may just have to make one of these!!

  18. Oh My! How creative! Love your book! Thanks for sharing.

  19. Fantastic!!!!!! I wasn't sure what the inside was going to look like and I LOVE it!!! What an amazing piece of art!

  20. Love this. I am so making it!!


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