Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Circle Book - Part II

So, yesterday we talked about how to make your template for the circle book....today I wanted to talk about assembling the book and share a few sneak peek photos of my Club Scrap Bookshelves book.

After you make you're template you can easily trace out as many pages as you want your circle book to have.  Four pages will create a complete circle when the book is fully opened ~ I chose to add an extra because I like odd numbers so my book has 5 fold outs.

Club Scrap - Bookshelves March 2013 001

I used each of the colors shown plus an extra of the brown pages.

Club Scrap - Bookshelves March 2013 003

Once you have all of your pages cut out, you can either embellish the pages themselves or use the second set of templates I shared yesterday to cut out mats for each section of your page.  I decided to use mats for all of my pages because I wanted to incorporate the various pattern papers from the kit.

Club Scrap - Bookshelves March 2013 002

Now you could just use the fold out pages from above but I wanted to add a bit more room and substance to my book so I cut 4 additional half circle pages.  To cut these extra pages I used the original template and simply folded up the extra flaps, traced the half circle onto my cardstock and trimmed the new pages out.

Club Scrap - Bookshelves March 2013 005

After I had all of my pages cut I inked all of the edges with brown ink and my Ink Blending Tool.  Of course this is totally optional but I think it lent a get vintage feel to the finished book.  It's WAY easier to do it now than after the book has been assembled.

Decorate the pages as desired.  This is a super book to add pockets to but I have to admit that in my zeal to assemble the book I totally spaced on my pocket pages. 

NOTE: when decorating the pages don't decorate the front and back covers at this time.  That will come later.

Once your pages are decorated as desired, it's time to assemble the fold out pages.  You will need to test fit the flap to make sure the inner corner has been trimmed correctly to allow the center fold in the floor of the page to close properly.  You may need to cut a steeper angle to all the page to fully close without binding.  Once you have tested for fit & closure, a bit of glue on the flap will do the trick.

Club Scrap - Bookshelves March 2013 008

To bind the book together you're simply going to apply glue to the back of your first page, align and layer on page 2, apply glue to the back of the second page, align & place page 3 on the pile and continue until all of the pages have been added.   Depending on how many pages you are using your pile could be pretty thick.

It's time to add the ribbon closure.  I simply applied a couple lines of ATG tape to the front cover and positioned the ribbon along the bottom third of the book at it's widest point.  Once the ribbon on the front was secure I flipped the book over and added more tape on the back cover so it aligned with the position of the ribbon on the front cover.

At this time to spiff up the spine area of the book I also added two additional pieces of ribbon ~ one to the center of the book spine and one near the top.  These are purely for decoration so short lengths of ribbon are just fine.

Now I covered both the front and back of the book with a decorated mat.

As promised, here is a sneak peek....

The front of the book ~

Club Scrap - Bookshelves March 2013 036

The back cover & spine area.... this is a good photo of the ribbon closure & decorative ribbon bits....

Club Scrap - Bookshelves March 2013 035

Tomorrow I'll share the inside pages of my book!
Be sure to check back then :)
You'll also have the chance to check out several other amazing creations using the Club Scrap Bookshelves Kit!

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