Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Molotow Masking Pen

I bought the Molotow Masking Pen and refill a couple months ago but I'm just not getting around to playing with it.  

It's a marker type pen that is filled with masking or frisket fluid.  It's got a relatively small tip that allows you to mask off smaller areas and it's also fun to write with or create free-hand designs on your projects.  (the top container is the refill.)

Prior to using the pen you will need to first shake the fluid thoroughly until the liquid is mixed well.  Mine had separated into a white and dark blue - I simply shook it up until it was a baby blue color.  This is VERY important...I believe the dark blue is just a coloring agent that will stain your paper if it's not properly mixed in the masking fluid.

You then need to prime the pen by pushing the tip up and down on a piece of scrap paper until the fluid flows freely.  I like to keep a piece of scrap on hand to do this every so often if I'm masking a larger area.  If you notice the fluid doesn't flow as freely as you'd like, just a few pumps and it's ready to go again.

My first card was made using the masking fluid in a very traditional technique....

Start off by stamping the desired image and let the ink dry completely.

Apply the masking fluid over the areas you want protected.  I wanted to color the background with Brusho Colour Crystals so I masked the entire stamped image.  Let the masking fluid dry completely. There is a visible color change from baby blue to a darker blue when it's dry.

Apply the background color as desired, let the paper dry!  This is very important...if you get in a hurry and try to remove the masking fluid before the paper is dry you will tear the paper.  No if and's or buts.  

Once dry, use an adhesive square to pick up the masking fluid.  You could also rub it off with your finger tip but if you're removing much your finger will get sore.  

Finish off the image as desired!

My second card was made using a stencil paired with the masking fluid.

Tape the stencil down over the watercolor paper.

Apply the masking fluid where desired, remove the stencil and let the fluid dry.

You can see I left an area free of the fluid - 
this is where I will add my sentiment.

I used a few colors of Color Burst to color the background.

And after it was dry I removed all of the masking fluid.

I've seen a few reviews of this product that states a blue haze was left behind and/or they had trouble removing the fluid from the paper.  I did not experience either of these issues.  If the masking fluid is properly mixed (by vigorously shaking) you should not have any issue with the blue haze.  Also, as long as the masking fluid is completely dry before adding the color medium and the paper is allowed to completely dry before attempting to rub the masking fluid off there shouldn't be an issue with removal.

I used watercolor paper for the examples because I wanted to use the Brusho & Color Burst for these cards.  I did try the masking fluid on regular cardstock (Georgia Pacific) and the masking fluid came off just fine.

Tomorrow I'll be back with another fun technique using this masking fluid...
till then friends - ink on!


Molotow Grafx Art Masking Pen
Canson Watercolor Paper
Brusho Colour Crystals
Color Burst Powders - Flower & Sentiment Stamp, Ribbon
Altenew - Thank You Stamp
TCW - Stencil

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pocket Letter Fun!

I've been on a pocket letter kick and I wanted to share what I've been making...

Black & White

Vintage Fashion

Cityscapes - G45

Worlds Fair - G45

I've made so many that I will be randomly sending out some of the extra PL's to various people in the Spring PL swap!  Just too much fun not to share :)

Monday, May 2, 2016

Finishing Up Invites!

Finishing them up!

The pile on the top left is the map (on the back side); pile on the bottom left is the gift info; the To Have and To Hold is the RSVP that I stamped!   The Morgan and Robert square is what goes on the band that holds it all together.  I have a stack of finished ones under the hammer head.  And to top it all off even the stamps match!

Now we only have to wait until August 6th!  

Just 3 more months!!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Let's Hear it for the Girls!

Girls, women and everything they embody 
is the 
May Challenge 
at Just For Fun Rubber Stamps!!

Below are several examples of some lovely girl/women stamps available at Just For Fun Rubber Stamps but the cool thing is...  You don't HAVE to use a JFF stamp to enter!  Of course if you do use a JFF stamp you will be entitled to an extra entry into the drawing for the Gift Certificate!  Don't miss out on the fun or the chance for free stamps!!

Good Luck Friends!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Thinking of You Washi Card

Today I decided to work on a challenge (since I've been really slacking off on them lately).  And I choose Retro Sketch Challenge #212!

I loved the of the DT members made it using a rainbow of pattern papers which really got my creativity going.  I decided it was best not to copy her so I thought it would be fun to switch it up a bit and use washi tape.  I pulled out several black and white designs plus several that had gold foil (they look yellow in the photo though).  

The friend is either a MFT or Simon Says die that I cut with a stitched scallop edge.  The tiny "Thinking of You" is from a previous ClubScrap kit and the little hearts are hand drawn.  It was fun to work with this sketch...  I'm still gonna make one with a rainbow theme soon though - it's just too much fun not to - LOL!!

Have a lovely weekend friends!

Real Women Stamps!

FINALLY - Someone has created real life women stamps!  I don't know about you but I am so over the big head, blank eyed stare, stick figure stamps that qualify as "women" lately.  It's about time there are some stamps that depict real women with realistic proportions.

I say bravo to Unity for coming up with these beautiful women!



Thursday, April 28, 2016

Pocket Letter Article - GiveAway!

Oh Happy Day!  I received my new copy of Rubber Stamp Madness and the article on Pocket Letters is wonderful!  My pocket letter art takes up one entire page!

The article is 3 1/2 pages long talks about how pocket letters came to be and how stampers and mixed media artists have taken them in a new direction.  They asked me several questions first about pocket letters then about how I made the pocket letter shown!  I'm so happy that maybe it will spread this fun art to others.

Now for a give-away!  I subscribe to RSM so I actually got 2 issues...mine plus an artist copy so I have an extra to give-away!  

Would you like to win a copy for yourself? 

If so, simply post a comment telling us all if you've ever made a pocket letter or if you'd like to give it a try.  I will send not only the magazine but a few supplies (PL/Baseball Sleeves; Glassine Envies (to hold your goodies) and more!)

You have until 5-6-16 to post a comment to be entered to win!

Good Luck Everyone
Happy Creating!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dahlia Club Scrap Blog Hop

The Dahlia kit from Club Scrap features lovely pattern paper created using beautiful watercolor paintings from one of my favorite watercolor artists - Swarup Murthy.  I think you're gonna love this kit!  I know I sure do.

And here's what I made for you.... Originally I had planned on adding several flowers I had left over from the Welcome sign I made but I just loved this dahlia print so much...I couldn't bring myself to cover it up. I added the "Fun" tag off to the side so it wasn't plain yet still showed off most of the flower.

Pop open the lid and what do you know... it's filled with a set of Dahlia cards and envies!  I made this box large enough to hold a set of 6-10 cards + envelopes.  Normally these boxes are sized to just fit A2 size cards but people often forget that the envelopes are a bit larger and never fit quite right.  I did the math and came up with a box that will hold both cards and envies nicely (sizing below).

Each of these were stamped with a sentiment from the Dahlia kit stamps except for the "Find Beauty" that stamp is from last month's Paris Flea Market kit.  I thought it fit this kit nicely as well.

And here's how I made it...

Cut 1 box base - 7 3/4" x 9" 
Score 1 1/2" on all 4 sides.
Snip and crease as shown.
Glue 4 tabs to create the box bottom.

Cut 2 panels 4 5/8" x 7 7/8".
Score at 1.5" on 2 short and 1 long sides.
Snip and crease as shown.

Glue tabs on each half of the box top.

Secure the box top pieces to the box base using a bit of tape - I used fabric tape that somewhat matched the box colors but you could use a fancy masking tape or whatever you can adapt that you have in your stash.  You could even use some heavy duty cardstock cut into 2" x 3.5" strips and double stick tape for your hinges.  Whatever you've got that works.

Now you need to cut the following (if you want to cover all sides like I did):

Top of the lids:

(2) Mat - 2 7/8" x 4 5/8"
(2) Pattern Paper - 2 5/8" x 4 3/8"

Short Sides:

(4) Mat - 1 1/4" x 2 7/8" 
(4) Pattern Paper - 1" x 2 5/8"

Long Sides:

(2) Mat -  1 1/4" x 4 5/8"
(2) Pattern Paper - 1" x 4 3/8" 

Adhere all of the pieces to the box as shown...  Add the tag and fill with all sorts of fun cards & envies!

Hope you've enjoyed my little creation and give it a try yourself sometime. It's time to find more inspiration right around the corner...

You can do so by hopping on over to

to see what she has created.

The complete list can be found here:

Supplies: - Dahlia Kit Papers, Stamps, Tag, Fiber
Imagine Crafts - Memento Inks

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Spring Pocket Letter Swap Update

Hello Friends!

Just wanted to let you Pocket Letter Friends out there that I sent out the info on who you should be sending your pocket letter to   Please let me know if you did not receive an e-mail.  I will resend your info.

Remember mailing date is May 7th!

Have fun creating!!

Springtime Welcome Sign - Paper Flowers Galore!

Today I wanted to share a bit about how I made the Springtime Welcome sign I shared with you yesterday.  

As I mentioned at the time just about everything you see started out as just paper or chipboard.  Now I'll tell you how I did it...

I started off by die-cutting LOTS of petals out of smooth white Club Scrap cardstock...lots and lots and lots.   I did cut a few yellow bases from some scraps I had left over from another project...they won't be seen in the finished flower so it's o.k. they are a different color.

I used several different dies to make the flowers - the Dahlia was made using a combination of petals from the Sunflower (5 bottom layers) and Tiny Daisy (2 center layers + layer wrapped around a bead) dies.  In addition to these dies I used a few Spellbinder flower dies as well.  Some of these flowers were cut out of colored Club Scrap cardstock - deep pink, yellow and a few different greens for the leaves and other foliage.

After all of the petals were cut I colored each petal (or leaf) with PanPastels.  The Dahlia was colored with a couple different shades of purple for the outer petals, as the layers of petals got closer to the center I started using darker and darker shades.  Some of the inner tiny petals were colored on both sides because their curl was deep enough that you could see both sides.  

Here is how each layer was assembled - each layer has 8 petals.  There are 3 layers or the largest petal, 2 layers of the medium size petal and 7 layers of the really tiny petal.  I also used a plastic pony bead for the very center of the dahlia.  There were a couple layers of beads which were colored on the back side with the PanPastels; shaped & curled very tightly, then glued directly to the bead.

I repeated these steps for the rest of the flowers.  I also applied PanPastels and shaped each of the leaves and bits of foliage as well. Most of the flowers have pips, beads or micro beads glued in their centers.  Assembling the flowers and all of the foliage took most of a weekend.

Next I started on the sign it's self...I pulled out a piece of book board (really thick chipboard) that was left over from another project....  It was already the basic size and shape I needed so that was a plus!

I wanted the board to resemble a wood sign so I pulled out my Exacto knife and started carving the edges and spaces between the "boards".

The edges and spaces were painted with Lamp Black paint.

A thick layer of Deco Art Crackle Paste was applied to the boards.  Remember - thicker layers produce larger cracks once cured.  I also drew a few lines through the medium to mimic the striations you might find on weathered wood boards.

Here are a couple photos of the crackle medium as it dries...

I left it to dry over night....

The next morning the Crackle Paste had completely dried and I was left with lovely crackle finish.  I applied a coat of Renaissance Brown Elegant Finish Metallic Glaze.  I know what you're thinkin' - that sounds pretty fussy for an old wood board.  Nope, this stuff is great!  It's got a rich shimmer chocolate look and once it's applied over the white crackle paste it creates a beautiful finish.  

Since it's a glaze (which is a bit thinner and translucent) and not an acrylic paint the crackle finish is very visible once dry.

I then stamped "welcome" with some foam stamps and more black acrylic paint.

I determined where I wanted everything to go and started gluing it down.  I filled in the design with a few tiny Prima flowers here and there and then tied on the ribbon for hanging.

So there you go...
Spring Welcome sign ready to greet our visitors!

Hope you enjoyed the process.

Supplies: - Cardstock, Book Board, Ribbon
DecoArt - Crackle Paste, Americana Lamp Black Paint, Elegant Finish Metallic Glaze - Renaissance Brown
Spellbinders - Flower & Leaf Dies
Sizzix - Flower Dies
Glue, Micro Beads, Beads, Pips, Foam Tape, Letter Stamps