Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Free Stamps

Yes, you read that correctly.  I am in a cleaning/organizing phase again and I have a whole collection of stamps that I love but don't have room for anymore.  Most are Third Coast Rubber Stamps but there are also some Scrolls Works RS (both now defunct & unavailable) which I don't like to use on projects here on the blog or in publication projects because they are no longer available.

I thought about selling them but I just don't have time to photograph them all and try to keep track of who wants what sooooo  I decided as an early birthday gift I'm just going to offer them up for free if you would pay postage.

Here's how I'd like to run it.  E-mail me and tell me what type of stamps you'd like to receive from the list (first, second and third choices).   I'll e-mail you back and let you know if I have what you're interested in.  You PP me $6.00 and I'll send you 1 assortment of stamps in a Small Flat Rate PM Box from your choice list.  These stamps are all mounted on cling foam - some inked others not - but in very good usable condition. I will make sure there are at least 8 stamps (unless indicated otherwise) in each assortment.

So, here is the list of what I have....

Delbert Dragon in various holiday dress & 3 Sentiments 
Halloween 1 - book of spells, skull, black cat, a few sentiments
Halloween 2 - Scene Stuff - Tombstones, Houses, Trees, Bone Corner 
Halloween 3 - Creepy People/Eyes
Halloween 4 - Witches
Halloween 5 - Misc Halloween Stuff
Steampunk People
Vintage Ground Transportation - bikes, autos, train, etc.
Vintage Air Machines
Vintage Aviation (people/machines)
Steampunk Gears
Misc. Steampunk / Vintage Charts, Machines, etc.
Faries, Rabbits/Easter
By the Sea - Mermaids, Pirate, Boat, sand castle, etc.
Vintage Time
Christmas/Winter Sentiments
Christmas Images
Misc - Just odds and ends - Fun stuff!
Poodles, Eiffel Tower, French Sentiments
Autumn - 4 large Fall/Harvest/Thanksgiving themed Collage Stamps
Pine Trees / Evergreens / Grass

Help me give these great stamps a new home!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Gelli Plate House Mouse Candy Card

Today I have a fun Halloween card I made using a print I made using my Gelli Plate and a House Mouse stamp....

I cut a section off of one of my prints I made using the Round Gelli Plate in autumn colors.  I then stamped the little carrot mouse right on the print.  The image was colored using Spectrum Noir markers with a bit of white gel pen for accents.  I stamped the sentiment and added a bit of pen work and sequins to finish it off.

Have you played with your Gelli Plate recently?  You need to pull it out and experiment...the prints are wonderful for holiday cards!!  I'm going to be sharing more Gelli Plate holiday cards soon :)  Stay tuned...I think you'll like what else I have in store!

Monday, October 20, 2014

DecoArt Media - Special Offer!!

I wanted to tell you about an amazing deal DecoArt has going on right now.  For a limited time they are offering a Media Starter Kit for an amazing price of $37.00!! That's 40% off the retail price!!!   If you act quickly you can use the Code: MEDIASHIP to receive free shipping as well.   But it expires 10-27-14 - Next Monday.

These are products that Andy Skinner (Blog / Facebook) uses quite often in his artwork which should be an indication of the quality since his art work is stunning.

Media Starter Kit

Here's what's included in the kit....
  • Crackle Paste - 4 oz
  • Modeling Paste - White - 4 oz
  • Liquid Glass - 2 oz
  • Gesso - White - 4 oz
  • Fluid Acrylic - Interference Gold - 1 oz
  • Fluid Acrylic - Metallic Silver - 1 oz
  • Fluid Acrylic - Carbon Black - 1 oz
  • Fluid Acrylic - Titanium White - 1 oz
  • Fluid Acrylic - Hansa Yellow Light - 1 oz
  • Fluid Acrylic - Cadmium Red Hue - 1 oz
  • Fluid Acrylic - Quinacridone Magenta - 1 oz
  • Fluid Acrylic - Primary Cyan - 1 oz
  • Mister - Carbon Black - 2 oz
  • Shimmer Mister - Turquoise - 2 oz
  • Antiquing Cream - English Red Oxide - 1 oz
Now, I'm not being paid to advertise this or anything.  I just stumbled upon this deal and thought it was too good to not pass along.  I ordered a set to give it all a try.  I will be sharing what I create using these products as soon as it arrives and I have a chance to play with it all.   I can't wait to get my hands on it...  So exciting to try out new goodies!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Watercolor Paper Winners!!

I finally got a chance to cut up the watercolor paper that I've had stashed under my bed waiting for this moment!!   I have 8 - yes EIGHT packages ready to go!!

There are two different assortments - Some of the papers were larger so there were enough to cut one for each package.  Some of the papers were smaller to begin with and after I cut off my "experimental" pieces I didn't have much left so I only got 4 pieces of each.  

There are also some more expensive pieces of watercolor paper included in each of the mixes.  When I originally ordered the paper I went a bit wild and got some more pricey papers but decided not to use them for the comparison because they really were cost prohibitive.  

Each mix also includes a piece of paper made from Bamboo!!  It's not watercolor paper but it is just an extra little bit of fun to try.   

Some papers are 3x6 and others are larger - it just depended on what I had left.  Anyway, I now have (8) -  6x9 envies - each with 10 pieces of beautiful, lush watercolor paper just waiting for a new home....

and the winners are....
(in no particular order)

Lisa Goldsmith

Sharon Lones

Ina Good

Denise Bryant

KT Fit Kitty

Angelia Chambers


JackieP Neal

Congratulations Everyone!!
Please e-mail me your snail mail addy so I can get your papers out to you asap.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Gossamer Ghost - A Scrapbooking Mystery Give-A-Way!

You all know how much I love this time of year - of course there is the crisp cool temps, the beautiful fall colors and who could forget Halloween.  There is another reason I love this time of year's time for another Scrapbook Mystery from Laura Childs!!

She hasn't disappointed - the newest book - Gossamer Ghost is even better than the last.  Carmella and the gang are back at it - jumping in hip deep into a mystery and helping her bo figure out who done it!  You won't want to miss out because this book is set during the Halloween season - fun fun fun!  Reading about all of the holiday parties, the spooky goings on in the Big Easy and who could forget the fun scrapbook and altered projects!

Once you start reading you won't want to put it down.  Trust me...I read it in record time.

I am fortunate enough to be able to offer up two signed copies of her book - simply leave a comment telling me your favorite part of Halloween and you'll be entered to win!  You have until 10-27 to leave a comment to be entered.

Good Luck and Happy Haunting!!!

Watercolor Paper Give-A-Way Soon...

I know, I am so far behind - I have put off posting the winners because I still have to chop up the paper as they are in huge sheets ~ it was cheaper to buy it this way.

We've recently taken on a few new jobs at our business I have fallen woefully behind on this contest and all sorts of things - laundry, cleaning, crafting, etc. etc. etc.  What started out as a part time job has blossomed into 3 full time jobs.

We are finally getting into the groove and getting caught up so I will be able to spend more time here doing the funner things in life again - LOL!!!

So, I am hoping to get the paper cut up tomorrow and announce the winners on Sunday so be sure to check back then!  If you didn't leave a comment during the comparison or if you've been waiting patiently, go ahead an leave another comment here for another entry.

Thanks for understanding and sticking around :)
You're why I do what I do!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

5 Little Skulls All in a Row!

Happy Thursday Everyone!  I hope you've had a wonderful week so far.  It's been rainy and a bit dreary here but the trees are LOVELY right now!  Reds, Yellow, Orange, Green and even a bit of Brown...a beautiful burst of color.  If I remember I'll take my camera with me tomorrow when I head to work so I can get some shots of Mother Nature in her full glory.

Today I have a fun card for you...first, take a bit of acrylic paint and a paper punch for a drippy gooey mess...

A sheet of embossed cardstock highlighted with a few colors of Gelatos...

Add an exotic spooky skull flower...

An you've got a fun Halloween Spookfest!

The skull collage image is from Altered Pages. These are actually left-overs from the skulls I used when I was making the Poe/Skull card from the other day.  I used the one that fit Poe's skull and figured these would make a fun card by themselves.

Have a super Friday!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Altered Playing Card - Week 6 - Halloween!!!

WOO Hooo!  You all know how much I love Halloween.  Well Week #6 in the Altered Playing Card Challenge is all about Halloween! 

Claudine's first card was painted then she added washi tape and embossed a Halloween image over top...

I kept to the basic design but I used Trolley Grey Art Anthology paint because it was still sitting on my desk from another project. I love this reminds me of a sparklie stone.  I also used it because it was a nice neutral color to go with my washi tape...

You see, I have lots of colorful Halloween tapes so I needed that neutral background so they wouldn't clash.  I wanted the tape to "speak" as the sentiment so I covered most of the card with the tape.

And finished it off by stamping and embossing my trick or treat image  and then finished it off by embossing the edges as well.

The next card was made with a bit of Color Wash, stenciling and pieces torn from a holiday napkin.  

Well, I thought it would be fun to use real definitions from various old dictionaries as my main focus.  I just happened to have this wicked Raven ace of spades card in my stash...  How perfect is that?!?!  Sooo, I glued down several Halloween related definitions - carefully tearing each one so the center ace/raven still showed through.  Once the Creative Medium (collage glue) dried I added orange, green and purple StazOn inks over top.  I LOVE how it turned out!  I stamped the sentiment using black StazOn.

Here are a couple looks at the definitions....

And here are my cards together....  
What fun!  I love Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Candy Corn Acorns!

Fall is in full swing here in Indiana and that means time to collect the bounty of Mother Natures gifts to artists.  We have several large oak trees out at the farm so I always try to collect lots of acorns - both complete and caps.  There are lots of fun things you can do with both so I always pick up what I can before the squirrels snatch them all up.  I've got to be fast though - we've got some smart squirrels...they have to be as big and fat as they are ;)

Here's an Acorn Frame I made a while ago....I've made several over the years and they are always a big hit. 

Oak Frame 012

Today I wanted to share another fun idea...painted acorns!  Dang people are acting like this is something new - I've seen them everywhere this year.  Of course this is nothing new but they are lots of fun to make and use for fall decor around the home.

I paint the acorns a couple different ways depending on if they have caps or not.  For the acorns without their little hats on I apply a bit of adhesive down on a scrap of paper and stick the acorns down so the point is facing up.

Then I just paint away.  Since I'm making "candy corn" acorns I'm going to paint a couple white, some yellow and a few more orange.

Depending on how dry your acorns are and your paint you may need to apply 2 or more coats.

Let them dry completely before moving on...

Here's where the extra caps come in...test fit a cap to find one that fits your acorn and then just add a bit of liquid glue (I'm using Aleene's Tacky Glue)

Then place the acorn into the cap and let the glue dry.

For the acorns that have caps I just hold them and paint away.  Once you're finished, find a pretty box to display them in.  I found this fun vintage jewelry casket at a garage sale this past summer...I thought it would be perfect for something like this....  Of course keeping my son out of the candy corn is going to be another issue ;)  lol!!

Hope you're enjoying Autumn where you are!
Stay Inky my Friends!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Boo! Scrabble Tile Halloween Card

A fun collage card for a spooky holiday!

Hope you all had a super week!  I thought it would be fun to leave you with a fun stamped collage card for Halloween...   

I started off by stamping and embossing the spider web on a white sheet of cardstock.  I then applied a variety of PanPastels over the web and the rest of the card panel.  I then glued a torn section of Halloween pattern paper to the panel and added a bit more PanPastels.   I then sprayed the entire panel with hair spray to set the pastels.

I then went about stamping various images to the card - fence, sentiments, spider, bats - all Just For Fun stamps.  I then added a couple fun treat bag images, a Dresden Trim cat and the scrabble tiles.  For an added punch I applied a bit of red Stickles to the spider & cat and clear (Diamond) Stickles to the web.  

It took a bit of time but I think the finished card was well worth it :)

Hope you all have a wonderfully
inky weekend!!