Wednesday, September 17, 2014

PanPastels - Fair well to Summer

Well, I didn't get my Autumn cards made using the crinkle technique I shared earlier this week as you must have noticed.  We had to work late yesterday and today....I was setting up for a garage sale!!  I know, I said I wasn't going to have another but well, you know how it goes...after a while you forget the pain and think it's a good idea again.  My soon to be daughter in law and I are having it out at my Mom's - she had a great location...right off a main road.  Luckily the town harvest fest is going on this weekend too so we're hoping for lots of traffic.   So I'm not going to be able to post much in the next couple days but I did want to share a fun project I made using the PanPastels again.   I know, another PP project but you know how it is when you get a new just gotta play, play, play!

Here is my, "Fair well to Summer" project.  The image started out as a black piece of cardstock.  The lighthouse is an Altered Pages collage image.  For more info about how I made it be sure to check out my post on Altered Pages - Fair Well to Summer.  

Hope you all have a great week...I'll try to pop in and let you know how the sale is going.  If I don't have time I'll see you on Monday!  Till then...stay crafty :)

Monday, September 15, 2014

PanPastel Crinkle Technique

I have been experimenting with my PanPastels and I am so in love.  Today I wanted to share a fun technique that is an oldie but the PanPastels kick it up a couple notches.  First, let me start off by telling you that this works with regular pastels but the colors won't be as vivid as they are with PanPastels so if you have scrapbook chalks or pastels be sure to give it a try.  It's lots of fun and very addictive once you start playing with color. 


Pastels & sponge
VersaMark Ink
Plastic Wrap (or similar)
Fixative (hairspray or art fixative)

Basic Crinkle Technique -

1. The basic crinkle technique is so fun and easy.  First choose 2-3 colors of pastels you'd like to use for your design.  Even though it's still officially Summer here it feels like Autumn so I'm using the metallic PanPastels for that fall look.

2. Next wad up the plastic wrap or plastic packaging.  I'm using a plastic wrapper that came off of a stencil I bought quite some time ago (I never throw packaging never know when it will come in handy!).  

3. Dab it on the VersaMark pad.

4. Begin pouncing the inky plastic wrap onto your cardstock.   You will need to re-ink the plastic wrap after a few pounces on the cardstock.  It's o.k. if it's not perfect coverage - we'll fix that in later steps.

TIP: For a pattern paper look pounce the plastic wrap in a line or in one direction to create a repetitive design.  For a more organic look pounce the plastic wrap on the cardstock then shift the cardstock or the plastic wrap in a different direction each time you pounce.  This helps keep the look random and natural.

5. Use a sponge to pick up the pastel and begin gently dabbing it over the wet (invisible) ink.

Your design will magically appear!  Continue applying pastel until the entire piece has been covered with pastels.

6. It's time to apply your next layer of VersaMark ink.  It will be easier to determine where your ink needs to be pounced since you have a layer of PanPastels to guide you.

7. Dab on your next color of pastel over the ink.

8. If desired repeat with a third color of pastel or use as is.  Once you have finished adding color, apply a layer of fixative to set the pastels.

Color Crinkle Technique

Since the PanPastels are so lushious and "creamy" they blend beautifully so I thought it would be fun to try the Crinkle Technique over a blended background.  I think it worked perfectly...check it out ~

1. Choose 2-3 colors of pastels for your initial layer.  Since the pastels naturally darken when paired with the VersaMark ink it's o.k. if you use dark colors for your base layer of color.  Pretty much anything goes with this technique.

2.  Begin applying your base coat of color to the cardstock.  I am again using Autumn colors to play with for this example. 

These pastels blend seamlessly because they are so finely ground.  It really is almost like using a paint instead of pastel.  

NOTE: Yes, those are my fingerprints along the bottom edge of the piece...I intentionally made this cardstock larger than what I needed for this very reason.  Keep in mind the pastels will cling to oils on your skin just as they cling to the VersaMark ink.  If you're messy like me you'll need to leave a little extra room on your cardstock.

3. Apply a fixative to the base layer of color.

If you're like me  you can speed drying a bit with your heat tool.

5.  It's time to proceed with the Basic Crinkle Technique - wad up the plastic wrap, dab on the VersaMark ink pad and pounce on the colored background.   Apply your first layer of color over the VersaMark.  Don't worry about the base coat of will be safe because we applied the fixative.

6. Continue to apply one or two more layers of VersaMark ink and Pastels as desired.

And here's how each technique turned out....

The great thing about this technique is that the results are never the same and always a surprise.  It's so much fun to experiment with color combos with both the Basic & Color Crinkle Techniques.   I'll be back tomorrow with some finished cards using these two examples.  Hope to see you then!

Friday, September 12, 2014

APC Challenge Week #2 - Card 2

Woo home early and got to finish my second card!  I'm so excited about this one.  If you recall I shared the first card yesterday....

and here is how I left the second card....

Claudine's card held the sentiment "Expand your wings, learn new things and fly".  To me that intimated a journey so I went that route.  Her card also had a fairy on it but I don't have any fairy stamps that are really my style so I improvised!  I think the figure I used paired nicely with the sentiment I chose to use....

I started off by stamping an interesting texture stamp on the background with Peanut Brittle Luxe ink.  The nice thing about this ink is that it stays wet long enough that I was able to dab on copper & gold PanPastels for a beautiful shimmer effect.  I added some "travel" themed washi tape and a nifty compass die-cut from Susana's Custom Art & Card Design.  

Next I stamped Alice on white cardstock, colored with spectrum noir colored pencils and fussy cut her.

I added the pointing finger washi tape, the sentiment and stamped a compass in the corner.  The sentiment says, "Where ever you go.... Go with all your heart."

Stamps - Background Texture - Just For Fun Rubber Stamps
Alice & Compass - Deep Red Stamps
Sentiment Font  - Ornatique

and here they are both together....

I had lots of fun making these...I can't wait to see what is to come!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Altered Playing Card Challenge - Week #2

Hi all... Last week I mentioned that I had decided to join in a fun challenge - Altered Playing Card Challenge.  So the first week was to choose your deck of playing cards and cover them with a layer of gesso.  Well, you know me - I like to do my own thing so I pulled together a set of more unusual cards....

Yes, I went to my stash and pulled out bingo cards, flash cards, coasters and even a few giant playing cards.  I'm going to have a mega stack of art cards when I'm finished!  Now about the gesso'ing - I didn't do that either.   I personally like the foundation to show through on some cards more than others which is why I left them bare. Since I don't know what the supplies/techniques will be I decided to leave them as is and decide at the time if I want to add gesso or not.   This week since the assignment was to use spray ink I did apply gesso - more on the coaster, less on the bingo card.

For the coaster I decided to add some texture by "Cooking the Gesso".... I began heating the gesso when it was about 60% dry.  Why then?  The gesso was dry enough to form a skin over the entire piece - thinner areas completely dry while the thicker peaks were still very wet inside.  Now what do I mean by cooking it...just that, heating the gesso until it started to boil and bubble and form lots of great texture!  

You can see some of that fun texture in this photo....

Now time for Week #2 - as I mentioned above Claudine used spray ink so I pulled a few out.  Bubble Gum Pink and Squeezed Orange for my first card...

And London Blue & Fresh Lime for my second...

Here are what both of my cards look like at this point.

I wanted my cards to be similar but not exact so I kept the butterfly theme, stamped my black flowers instead of using a die-cut and found a sentiment that I liked and here's how it turned out!

Stamp: Just For Fun Rubber Stamps
Fonts - "just don't fly" is Modern No.20; Soar is Ornatique
Die-cuts - no idea - sorry!

I got home from work later than planned so I didn't have time to start on the second card so I'll have to share that one tomorrow...once it's finished that is.

Hope to see you then...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

PanPastel - The Kiss Canvas

I was again inspired by the Reader Art Request over at Unruly Paper Arts...  This month the theme is "The Dark of Night" and check out the inspiration photo & colors....

Be still my heart...look at the lovely blues!!!!  Now how could I not make something for this challenge.   Since my PanPastels have been sitting on my desk begging to be played with I decided to pull out the matching colors and begin to play.  I was very inspired by the photo and had something in mind immediately.  I was so into the project that I totally forgot to take photos in the process.

Here is what the canvas looked like with the first layer of PanPastels - I used various blues, grey, black and the Fine Black and White sparklie pastels.  I then sprayed a layer of hairspray over the entire canvas to seal this initial layer of pastel.

Next I stamped several tree images with embossing ink and sprinkled on black embossing powder.  I heated to melt.  Once it had cooled I "painted" embossing ink along the edge of the lake, near the woods on the hill, in the lake and around the edges.  After those areas were embossed with the black E.P. I added more shadows and highlights to the trees, clouds, lake and the kissing couple.  One final layer of hairspray and I'm calling it done!

There you have rendition of The Dark of Night!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Altered Charms Swap Inspiration!

Yesterday I shared the ATC's from the swap and today I wanted to share the charms!  Here you go ~ enjoy!

Mine - 
I also had some ICE resin charms that I forgot to photograph or even label - sorry!

Dixie (aka - Mom)


Donna Jean


Robin - She made so many charms all different!  
For some reason these photos had so much glare they didn't turn out but I'm going to take a better photo of the one I got so you can see their beauty.

Loretta - Mini Fishing Float


Theresa P

Sandie B


Sadly about 1/3rd of the charm swappers dropped out for one reason or another at the last minute but it was still an amazing swap!  I hope everyone who played enjoys the results and wears their charms with pride :)  I know I will!!  Thanks to all those who participated!  I had lots of fun and love all of the wonderful charms I was lucky enough to keep!