Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Masking Tape Techniques Challenge

This month was my turn to come up with a technique challenge on the Club Scrap Blog and I went with something fun and easy that produces really cool results - "masking" tape techniques!  Of course you don't have to use masking tape - painters tape or washi tape works just as well.

I offer up 3 different masking tape techniques from this very simple technique...

To one more involved...

to the shattered image technique which while a bit more time consuming is still easy and produces lovely results every time!

For complete instructions on each of these techniques see this post - 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

2016 Watercolor Calendar - September

September in Indiana is when the leaves start to change from green to golds, reds and orange and mornings are crisp, cool and refreshing.  Such a lovely time of the year which is what inspired todays calendar page....

This is SUCH a fun technique...

You start off by painting a basic tree trunk with a few limbs sticking off to one side (or if you're putting your tree in the center - off both sides).

And here's where you loose me...
I started playing and TOTALLY forgot the camera....oops!

Let's try that again - for this example I painted the background with a light wash of blue for the sky.

I then drew my tree trunk & limbs.

Next fill up your brush with desired color of paint.  I started off with a dark red.  Tap the loaded brush on your finger in the general area that you want your "leaves" to be.  Dry this layer of paint.  Pick up your next leaf color and tap it over the branches of the tree then dry.  Continue adding more and more layers of speckles until you get the look you're going for.

As the last step you can add your grass at the base of the tree.

Now, you've got a pretty messy area because no matter how careful you are there are going to be dots of paint everywhere...  Don't let it go to waste, since it's watercolor paint simply mist with water and dab up the excess with a few tags, watercolor paper or plain old white cardstock.

You'll end up with lots of lovely tags ready for use.

All that's left to do is add your calendar and you're all set!

Now I have a question for you....  Are you following along?  Have you used one or more of these techniques to create your own calendar or card project?  I hope so because when we finish up with the calendar I have a special surprise for one of you... but the catch is that you have to have made something using at least one of the watercolor techniques.  So, if you haven't started you still have time...   More on this later!

Pocket Letter Mailing Update

Everyone now has a pocket letter in the mail winging their way to the recipient!  It shouldn't be long now.  If you receive your Pocket Letter and don't have any way to thank the sender, please let me know...I will pass along the e-mail addy if it's o.k. with each person.

I only had one person that never got back with me but I was able to make pocket letters for both of her recipients quickly and dropped them in the mail today.  

Hope you all had fun with this swap.  Many of you have mentioned how much fun it was and that you'd like to do another.   I'm thinking spring time so stay tuned!

I'm going to give the mail a chance to deliver goodies to everyone then I'll be posting all of the PL's (that I have photos of) to share with you all.

Till then, thanks so much for helping to make this another great Ink Stained Swap!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Valentine...I'd be blue...

I'd be blue without you! friend Frank is blue instead of green cause he wants to be your Valentine and he's waiting for you over at the IMAGINE Crafts blog!  

The background was SOOOO much fun to make.  It's a combination of Radiant Neon Amplify! which puffs when heated.  I added an extra little twist by sprinkling on silver embossing powder here and there prior to heating.   It made for such a fun texture to put Frank on.

These photos show you the dimension and texture created by mixing the two mediums...

Be sure to check out the IMAGINE Crafts blog - I'd Be Blue
for a link to instructions on how to create this fun card for your Valentine.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Pocket Letters Arriving!

 The wait is almost over friends!!  I've heard from most everyone that their PL's are in the mail  - I'll be checking in with those I haven't heard from this afternoon.  

Now the exciting part begins...hearing from everyone once they receive them!  I know I'm lucky enough to have received 2 so that was expected and one nice surprise one from Theresa!  I've added them to my PL binder and keep going back over them ooh'ing and ahh'ing!  I love it :) Such fun!

If you'd like feel free to post here when you receive your PL and let us all know how lucky you are.

Thanks everyone for making this such a fun exchange!

Friday, February 5, 2016

2016 Watercolor Calendar - August

Today it's time for August in our watercolor calendar...  I thought it would be fun to do a bit of embossing in white.  You could use black or clear if desired but there's just something about white and watercolor that goes together so well.  I've tossed in another little technique but we'll get to that in a few...  here's August's page...

Since it's usually the hottest part of the year in Indiana in August I went with an aquatic theme...maybe it will make it feel a bit cooler when it rolls around ;)  Of course being a land locked state we don't have sea turtles - just regular painted or snapping turtles I figured it would work. 

So I started off by stamping with VersaMark ink then embossing with white EP.

Once the ep has cooled, it's time to start layering on color... I started off with just a light wash of blue over the background.

I built up several layers of paint and colors then wet it down so the water pooled here and there on the paper.  I then sprinkled on coarse salt (mine said kosher salt on the box) - some people use table salt but I prefer the larger grains - either works fine.

See how the color is pooling around each grain...that's just what you're looking for!

Once it's dry, rub all the salt off your watercolor panel.

And you can see from these two photos how awesome it looks afterwards...

Now it's time to watercolor the images as desired.

I had a tough time deciding where to put the calendar cause again, I just didn't want to cover it up.  You'll notice that this calendar has a couple of stars already...  The red star on the 23rd marks dh & my 30th wedding anniversary!!!  Sure doesn't seem like it's been that long ago which I suppose is a good thing.  

The blue star on August 6th....drum roll please.....  is the day that my youngest ds and his fiance' Morgan will be getting married!!!!  Wooo Hooo...they finally set the date and we couldn't be more happy.  Very excited to say the least.

So there you go - August's calendar page is now in the books!


Kuretake Gansi Tambi Watercolors
Canson Watercolor Paper
JFF Rubber Stamps
IMAGINE Crafts - VersaMark ink, White EP

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sweet Valentine's Day Cards

I thought I'd share some sweets for my inky sweets...

My flowers & candy bouquet...sweet treats sprinkled among the roses.

A little string of candy with a bit of embossing fun.

And finally Tic - Tac - Love!


Just For Fun Rubber Stamps - Brushed Roses, Sentiment Hearts Mini Cube, Love You Sentiment, Doodle Frame (circles) Lg & Sm.
IMAGINE Crafts - Memento Inks
Sizzix - Embossing Folders 
X-cut - Postage Stamp Dies
Club - Cardstock
Georgia Pacific - White Cardstock

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2016 Watercolor Calendar - July

Time for another installment on our watercolor technique calendar.  Today's technique was inspired by of all things - my phone screen!  My Samsung S5 has this lovely bright geometric pattern that reminded me of watercolors.  Now I'm not gonna kid you - this is a very involved and time consuming technique.  I figure it's gonna be great for those folks that are pent up in the house due to all of the snow everywhere (but here that is).  I didn't make any other examples other than the calendar page due to the time issue but please give it a try - the results are beautiful.

Here is the finished calendar page....

And here's how I made it....

I started off by drawing lots and lots of lines.  Now I didn't get some of my lines right the first time and ended up erasing a few several times before I was happy with it.  

Here is how my line work turned out...time for color!

I pulled out a rainbow of watercolor pencils that I wanted to use...

and started laying down various colors for each shape.  Some shapes I used one color, others I used 2.  If you don't have watercolor pencils you can use wc crayons, markers, or plain old paints.  If you are using watercolor paints I suggest you work on different areas at one time.  This will allow one section to dry before you paint something next door.  It will help prevent colors from mixing by accident.

So once I had all my color laid down I used a wet brush and started dragging colors here and there.

And this was my first layer...
don't fret if it's sort of ugly at this stage. 
We have more color to add.

After your initial layer has been painted, go back over each area and darken some or all shapes as desired.  You can play and play and play.    I sure did!  When you're satisfied with the results, it's time to make your calendar.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Stamps!

I have been cleaning all day (yuck) but after I got the mail I HAD to take a moment or two to play with a set of new stamps today...actually 2 new sets.   Altenew Stamps that is!  I LOVE 2 of their newest sets - Peony Bouquet and Painted Greetings and this is what I made with them...

Love love love that big peony!!  They are one of my favorite flowers so I was thrilled when I saw this set.  So beautiful.  I used Memento Inks to stamp the entire card.

Just an up close look at the flower - so pretty!

Altenew Stamps - Peony Bouquet, Painted Greetings
IMAGINE Crafts - Memento Inks - Cardstock

Pocket Letter Swap Reminder

Just a reminder to all you PL friends out there...the deadline for mailing your Pocket Letters is this Friday.  Please have your letters ready to go by then.  If you've run into any problems, please let me know.

When you get your tracking number, please e-mail it to me.  Also if you would like me to include your Pocket Letter on the Pocket Letter page I'm going to create please send me a photo either front or front and back.

We've had one lucky lady receive her pocket letter already!!  How exciting is that?  Can't wait to hear from more people.

Have fun creating!