Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day Basket & Template

Today I have a fun little basket perfect for St. Valentine's Day, St. Pattie's Day or any other time you need a little vessel to fill with love!

Here is the template for the basket....

Basket 1


Note -  Since you'll be cutting the lines so close to the edge you'll need a thinner type chipboard.  While I was experimenting with the template to come up with a good workable design I used up all my thin (think cereal box) chipboard without realizing it.  I ended up using a corrugated cardboard for my example which looks a bit wonky because the cardboard is so thick (I'll point it out when I get there). 


Chipboard (thin)
Pattern Paper
Embellishments - stamps, inks, Dresden trim, German scrap, die-cuts, doilies, tinsel, ribbon, fibers, etc.  Anything you're "heart" desires!


1. Print and cut out the template.  Transfer it to your chipboard.

2. Cut the components from your chipboard - DON'T cut the slits just yet.

Val Basket 001

3.  (optional) If you would like, cover the chipboard pieces with pattern paper now.

4.  (optional) Ink the edges if desired.

Val Basket 003

5. Cut the slits and crease the fold lines.  Assemble the basket by slipping the front & back basket sections into the bottom/side piece. 

NOTE: this is where my basket looks a bit wonky...the cardboard is so thick the legs stick out at the bottom...  It won't turn out this way if you use thinner chipboard.  My experimental basket looked just fine but of course I used up all my thin chipboard so I had to use this stuff to make a decent looking finished example.

Val Basket 004

6. Decorate your basket as desired.  I used a bit of vintage looking tinsel, German Scrap images, ribbon, crepe paper and paper doilies.  I am going to add a bit of glitter as well for a bit more sparkle!

Val Basket 006
Val Basket 007
Val Basket 008
Val Basket 009
Now, you're all set to make a nifty little basket for your sweetie(s)!
Tomorrow I'll be sharing a few VERY old Valentine's Day cards I found at a local antique mall...
be sure to stop back in and check em out!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. That's a nice design. It's put together a little differently. It made a pretty finished basket!


  2. wicked !!!! love it!!!! Gotta to make one of these, Well at least one! thanks ..Love your ideas....


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