Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day Banner - Pt I

Hi All!

Today I thought we could make a banner for Valentine's Day using up some of those odds and ends chipboard letters, vintage sheet music, a bit of crepe paper plus some fun images from Altered Pages.

If you're like me you've got a box somewhere full of odds and ends left over from various chipboard alphabets you've bought over the years.  It never seems like they give you enough of the letters you REALLY need does it?


Well, no worries, we're going to pull out a few and not worry about the's a mix and match day ;)

I'm going to have my banner say "Love U" with a hand cut heart between the words.

After you decide what you want your banner to say, spread a nice layer of glue over them and sprinkle on one or more colors of glitter.  I'm going to use a nice deep red for my letters and a nifty chunky glitter that looks like mica flakes for the heart.


In the meantime you can cut the banners from chipboard (I'm using my banner pattern from the calendar this year). 

Next I covered each one with a piece of vintage sheet music.

It's time to make a little medallion with crepe paper...I simply gathered up a length of crepe paper and gathered it in the center.  I then glued a little die-cut doily which I cut from some pink Club Scrap paper to the center of each crepe paper medallion.

After the glittery letters have dried, it's time to glue them down to the medallions....


While the medallions are drying I'm going to apply a bit of ink to each banner - brown with a touch of pink I believe using my Ink Blending Tool.
I think we'll stop here today and give the letters a chance to dry.
We'll pick it up tomorrow by layering on the medallions, some fun vintage valentine's day images and other little goodies!
If you're really might even have a chance to win the finished banner ;)
See you then!

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