Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Banner - Pt II

It's time to finish up the Valentine's Day banner....

Here is where we left the actual chipboard banner pieces - vintage sheet music with a bit of pink and brown ink.

love u banner 001

Next I added the crepe paper medallions to each flag.

love u banner 002

I wanted to string them together quickly so I cut 4" lenghts of ribbon and stapled them to the corners.  The first and last bits were approx. 18" long for hanging. 

love u banner 003

After I had all the individual flags fastened together I covered the staples with some vintage lace. and double stick tape.

I then printed out several vintage Valentine images from Altered Pages.  I cut them apart and added a bit of brown ink to all of the edges. Each flag of the banner was embellished with two images.  You can add more or less if desired.

love u banner 005
A few mini flower bunches and I think the banner is done!

love u banner 007
love u banner 008
love u banner 009
love u banner 010
Would you like to win this banner?
Well simply post a comment telling us all
your idea of a great Valentine's Day gift....
Candy, Flowers or Other?
and you'll be entered to win!
You have until 2-19-13 to enter!
Good Luck Everyone!!


  1. This is so adorable Roni!! I'm making my Valentines yet but this is a great diea! (yes..so mailing them means they'll be late!..my family loves me anyway!)

    My DH used to buy me jewelry each Valentine's Day when we were first married. I had to stop him! Imagine that...a woman stopping their husband from buying her jewelry!!! BUT...I only have 1 neck & 2 earlobes!! Now we go out for lunch or dinner and remember all the wonderful years we've been together! I do wear jewelry!!!

  2. That is a gorgeous banner. I'm fixing to make wedding shower decorations, and am definitely using sheet music now!!!!

    I'm easy when it comes to gifts--it doesn't take a whole lot to make me happy, so seriously, a little bit of chocolate, and it's all good at Valentine's Day!


  3. This turned out so cute! I would love a chance to win it.

  4. Great banner! I saw it on Altered Pages today, too. Thanks for a chance to win it.

    A great Valentines Day gift for me tomorrow would be a Pajama Day--a day to just hang around in my pajamas and read or craft a bit, get take-out food delivered, play music really loud. There's no chance that's going to happen but it's fun to imagine it!

  5. what a lovely banner, anyone who wins will recieve a beautiful article


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