Thursday, February 21, 2013

Heat & Bond Sparklie Idea

I was wandering around the store yesterday racking up a huge groceries bill and I suddenly found myself in the crafty area of the store ;)   I was looking for anything that jumped out at me and screamed take me home.  Well, unlikely as it sounds a package of Heat & Bond is what I came up with.  Actually, I needed some to repair a garment for dh but I figured what the heck, I should be able to do something crafty with it too!

Heat & Bond Tip 001

You know (or maybe you don't) it's basically just an iron on adhesive.  I cheat and use it to fix hems sometimes...specially the ultrahold.  Well, I was thinkin this might be great when paired with glitter!  Of course other grainy type mediums would work well with it too...flocking especially comes to mind.

But anyway, before I go too far off track, I wanted to see how it worked on cardstock with glitter so I snipped a square of it off the sheet and ironed it onto a piece of cardstock.  A few seconds is all it needs.

Heat & Bond Tip 002

Then I peeled off the backing paper and sprinkled on some glitter while it was still hot.  Now this glue cools down quickly so if you're not fast enough with the glitter, no worries. 

Heat & Bond Tip 004

You can re-heat the glue from the bottom using your heat tool and add more glitter as desired.

Heat & Bond Tip 008

After you add the glitter, shake it off to check for bare spots.  If you need to you can always heat it again and add more glitter. 

Heat & Bond Tip 005

Now, I'm thinkin that this would be really cool paired with die-cuts or hand cut shapes!  You could work it so many ways.  First, you could glitter up a piece of paper then die-cut it OR you could die-cut the Heat & Bond!  Both the positive and negative die-cut images would work super for all sorts of, atc's, scrapbooks (away from photos of course), mixed media collages, etc.    You could even use it on material collages as well.    The possibilities are endless! 

I promise you'll be seeing a bit more about this in the near future!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!