Monday, February 18, 2013

Back from Vacation!

Happy Monday everyone!!

I hadn't mentioned it before but last week DH & I went on a little vacation.  We went down to Kentucky for the National Farm Machinery Show in L'ville on Wednesday then the rest of the time we spent exploring antique malls and flea markets down there, in Indiana and on Saturday we went to some in Allan Michigan. 

I found lots of goodies to add to my Etsy store and will be adding them soon.  I'm very excited...I think they will be fun things to incorporate into various projects.

We've been going down to L'ville to the NFM Show for around 25 years on and off now and I just love it down there.  It's so beautiful and I'm fascinated by the limestone walls along the roadside.  They are so cool (to me) cause we have nothing like it in NE Indiana. 

Here are a few pics I took....

L'ville - Downtown

Louisville 015
Louisville 016
I am also fascinated by the river...again, we have lakes, ponds, streams and even rivers but nothing like this....
Louisville 021
Louisville 020
Louisville 019
Louisville 018

The country side in KY....

Louisville 008 Louisville 011
And here are a couple pics of the limestone walls...flying along at 80mph.
Louisville 007
Louisville 009
I hope you all liked the projects I posted last week...  I thought I would be able to demo the technique from one of the cards posted last Friday but I had lots of orders for my Etsy store to fill and I also started tackling the mountain of dirty cloths.  I didn't get as far as I would have liked so the technique will come tomorrow.
Anyway, hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day and weekend while I was gone :)


  1. Have you been to Green Oak Antique's in Rochester In.? Awesome place,love Allen too !

  2. Cool pics and that sounds like a great show!


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