Friday, December 14, 2012

Shopping Day....

Well, I had planned on sharing the felt goodies I was planning on making today but dh and I unexpectedly went shopping today to try and finish our Christmas shopping.  While we did have lots of luck finding things we still need 3 items that seemed to elude us. 
I am going to try and get the felt goodies made tonite so I can share them tomorrow :)  I hope you will enjoy them.  What I have made so far ~ I think are pretty cute!
So, how are you going with your shopping?
Are you finished, if so, do you have everything wrapped?
I am not a good wrapper...well I am but I don't enjoy it very much.  I think it's because I don't have a real good place to wrap.  If I had a nice big table or counter to wrap things I might enjoy it more.   I usually wrap in my bedroom on my bed which of course isn't hard like a table and I have to get down on my knees.   I could haul everything to the kitchen table but then I have to deal with the dogs "helping"...Graber still hasn't learned that not everything is his for the taking. 
So, are you all set?


  1. I think I'm pretty set at this point. I did a lot earlier in the year and have made a lot of my gifts. My sister may just get a bag of fabric with an IOU unless I really get to work in the next day or so! I wrap a lot of gifts in gift bags with tissue paper in the top of the bag to hide the contents. Everything else is wrapped in kraft paper and tied with baker's twine. I put a lot of effort into the tags that go on the packages. The only thing I have left to get are the traditional new pajamas for my mom and me for Christmas eve! This weekend and next week it will be sew-sew-sew time! Anne, yourmainestamper

  2. I have most of my shopping done but still need to buy a few things. I'm going with gift cards for my tween nieces and nephews because they want to pick out their own gifts and I don't see them often enough to know what they have and don't have. The most fun is shopping for my 2 year old grand-daughter though!! Finally made most of my cards and now I just need to send them out!

  3. I can't imagine trying to wrap packages on my bed, kneeling on the floor. That's my idea of H-ll! My large dining room table is my work table for wrapping and all crafting. I'm pretty well done. I have three more packages to wrap. For wrapping I either stamp plain tissue to match the card or tag, or I wrap plain tissue with fancy ribbon yarns and decorative attachments (home deocr things cut to size).
    P.S. That Graber is about the cutest thing on legs!

  4. Every Fall, I start making notes on things I might like to get for my daughter & her family. They are really the only ones we go all out for at Christmastime. This year has been different because of my husband's declining health! I am planning a shopping tip tomorrow (hopefully) to finish up & get their packages mailed. We are going to celebrate Christmas Morning with our granddaughters via webcam this year. It will a first for all of us!!!!

    I hope all of you have a wonderful Holiday & enjoy spending time with your loved ones!! Don't miss a moment if you can help it!!!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!