Friday, December 21, 2012

Early Christmas Gift from DH

Coming to you live from my Christmas gift from DH....
My new Sony Vaio laptop!
he bought it for me a few days ago and I've been experimenting with it every since.
He thought I should have something as back up just in case we got hit by lightening again.
Windows 8 is very different and it takes some getting used to but I'm learning it slowly.
I don't like some of their application set ups like their mail, internet, etc. but I'm figuring out how to get what I want on there.  It's fun to experiment and see what's what.
Anyone else have Windows 8?
Any suggestions for apps or other things I should know?
I'd be happy to hear what you have learned about it.


  1. Oh Roni, what a perfect gift! Your DH obiously knows his wife and her endless creative drive and sharing spirit.
    As a born educator, this laptop is going to make your life so much easier with its faster processor.
    I am so happy for you and I do believe that I can hear your fingers typing away all the way here in California!
    I am wishing you and your family a happy and Joyous Christmas season!
    Thank you for each and every idea that you have shared with us this year and I can't wait to see the new and wonderful ideas that will start spilling from your beautifull imagination in 2013! Keep dreaming in plastic because my collection of odd bits and shapes are growing at an alarming rate. My mantra is, What Would Roni Do With This...we just may have to have t-shirts printed with that saying...LOL
    If you can, drop me a line. I have sent several emails, but I have the feeling that I have your wrong address.
    Love and happiness,
    Kathy Jones
    Panorama City, CA

  2. I too got a new laptop with Windows 8 which takes some getting used to. The hardest thing I'm having problems with is the movements I perform on my touchpad are "shortcuts" for Windows 8 which takes me to new windows. I just need to keep playing with it.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. For some great Windows 8 online training, go to Although I don't have Window 8 yet, I wanted to see what it was all about. HA! And I thought Windows 7 was different...geesh. 8 is REALLY a departure. Guess it looks like we are heading towards pads now, more than computers.... :-\


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