Thursday, December 6, 2012

25 Ideas for the Holidays - #3-5 Santa Suit Ensemble

Today I have 3 different ideas using the same basic theme -
Santa's Suit!
Here they are....
# 1 - Santa Suit Card - This is really easy, simply start off with a red card base, add a vertical 1" wide strip of white cardstock in the center of the card.  Add a 1/2" strip of black crossing the white near the bottom third of the card.  Finally add the yellow/gold buckle.  I have a die that will cut this but you can just as easily cut it by hand.
# 2 - Santa Suit Ornament - Another fun ornament idea which is made using felt.  I started off by cutting 2 round pieces from red felt.  I then glued on the white & black strips as well as the yellow buckle to the front of one circle.  I added a layer of padding between the two circles and used a blanket stitch to sew the two together.  I used black thread but you could use red or white as well.   I used a nifty little clip I had in my stash for the hanger but you could use gold stretch cord, embroidery thread, etc. for the hanger.
Santa Suit 003

# 3 is a Gift Card or ATC Holder.  You will find the pattern below (either jpeg or PDF).  It's 8.5" long so you can get 3 from one sheet of cardstock.  The gift card is a bit smaller than an ATC but will still work great.  You can either add a dab of repostitionable adhesive or velcro for the closure to hold it shut.

. Santa Suit 004

Gift Card or ATC Holder Template

Santa Suit 001

and here is the link to the PDF for the template -
I've still got a few more ideas concerning Santa's Suit but a different article of clothing ;) 
Can you guess which article of clothing that might be???
You'll have to wait and see!
Ho Ho Ho...
19 Days till Christmas!!!


  1. I love the gift card idea.

  2. I'm enjoying your count down to Christmas! Great projects, but I especially like the faux glass ornaments

  3. Fun projects! I especially liked the ornaments from last post!

  4. These are adorable ideas! By the way, I came up with a way to make a Santa ornament from an old red floppy disk...I should email you a photo of it! Love turning useless stuff into crafty projects!


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