Wednesday, December 5, 2012

25 Ideas for the Holidays - #2 Chipboard Faux Glass Ornaments

Today I wanted to share a fun way to make faux glass ornaments to send in the mail...they look great and won't break!

Chipboard Faux Glass Ornaments


Stamps (Stampers Best)
Embossing Ink
Heat Tool
Metal Leafing Flakes, Glass Glitter, Leafing Pen
Stretch Cord
Ornament Die or Circle pattern


1. Stamp desired images onto the chipboard using permanent ink.  I started off by stamping music over the entire sheet then I went back and stamped various Christmasy images.  All of the images I used for these ornaments are from Stampers Best.

.SB - Christmas Ornaments 03

2.  Color the images with markers.

.SB - Christmas Ornaments 04

3. Hand cut or die-cut desired shapes for your ornaments.  I have a die that cuts large ornaments but I also cut one that is just a plain circle by hand.  You don't have to use just circles...your ornaments can be any shape you desire.  Let your imagination run wild.

.SB - Christmas Ornaments 05

4. Now pounce the clear embossing ink over the entire ornament. 

5. Sprinkle with UTEE and begin heating with a heat tool.  I like to work in a shallow box which has been lined with aluminum foil.   This helps protect my work surface from those tiny bits of UTEE that always manage to fly away.

.SB - Christmas Ornaments 07

6. Continue alternating between adding more UTEE and heating. 

TIP - When I'm working on a project like this I like to fill an old pepper shaker (salt shaker holes are usually too small) with the UTEE.  This is such a time saver!!!  I just shake on what I need and don't have to mess with the jar, tiny spoons, etc.    By having the shaker in one hand and the heat tool in the other I can really add many layers of UTEE without having to stop or slow down.  I can finish an ornament in no time using this method.

SB - Christmas Ornaments 08
Here is what the ornaments look like at this point.....

SB - Christmas Ornaments 09
7. You can add a faux hanger to your ornaments in any number of ways.  My favorite is to use metal leafing flakes.  Simply add a dab of glue, layer on the flakes, let it dry a bit then brush away the excess leafing flakes.  Makes for an awesome finished look....
SB - Christmas Ornaments 10
You can always use a Metallic Paint Pen - I like Krylon's.  They just paint right over everything.  
SB - Christmas Ornaments 12
Or if you've hand cut a shape that doesn't have a built in hanger you can always add a mat to your shape to add the hanger to.  Here I have die-cut a mat with holes around the edges, covered with glitter then I mounted the circle on the mat.
SB - Christmas Ornaments 13
8. The final step is to at a bit of stretch cord to each ornament for hanging and your ornament is ready to be given! 
NOTE: this is for a one sided ornament.  This leaves room on the back for a special little note to the person receiving the ornament.  You could always add a second ornament to the back of the first for a double sided ornament.  Just remember to add a bit of trim, glitter glue or other medium to cover the seam.
SB - Christmas Ornaments 14
Ho Ho Ho
Only 20 Days Till Christmas!!!


  1. Love them they have a very old look!

  2. Just as I like it! Thank you very much!


  3. AWESOME!They are beautiful,would love to try making one,thank you for the tutorial...

  4. They are just beautiful! Worth the effort.

  5. Oh my goodness! I LOVE this effect! I'm definitely going to try this after Christmas. Loved the tree, yesterday, too. Even tho I don't comment every day, please know I am really enjoying them all!


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